edmonton to outfit 40 bus shelters with solar panels - all in one solar street light price

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-07
edmonton to outfit 40 bus shelters with solar panels  -  all in one solar street light price
Thanks to new solar technology, 40 Edmonton bus shelters will be disconnected from the grid.
"They don't have any grid power.
It's all solar energy, so it's green, clean energy, "said Trevor Danish, Senior Director of Transport Facilities Maintenance in Edmonton. (ETS).
Powered by solar panels mounted on roofs, the energy of the new shelter is stored in batteries on billboards.
These panels are controlled by a photovoltaic cell and will automatically light up once the natural light around them falls to a low enough level.
"Traditionally, our advertising studios are powered by our street lighting network grid.
Installing power connections on them is expensive, so we decided to look for higher costs. -
Effective ways to power our advertising shelters, "Danish said.
Six years ago, ETS began to explore the idea of using solar energy to power bus shelters, but this technology is not good enough.
"It didn't work very well at that time.
Edmonton didn't have much sunshine in winter and it was very cold, so the batteries were frozen.
But with advances in technology, ETS made a second study of solar energy two years ago. -
Electric bus shelter.
Shelter built by Daytech Manufacturing Inc.
According to the advertising contract with ETS, the fees paid by the Open Channel Advertising Company are listed as the "worst" items. -
Case scenario test, in mid-January, the panel was covered with snow for two weeks.
Once it's cleaned up, the billboard lights up again.
ETS will install 40 solar cells-
This year, electric bus waiting kiosks exchanged new solar energy models with 15 old advertising bus waiting kiosks.
The cost of the new shelter and the electricity cost of the old advertising shelter are borne by the open channel advertisement.
Currently, it costs $7,000 a year for open channel advertising to power all power grids. -
A sanctuary of energy.
Considering installation costs and energy savings from using solar energy,-
Friendly bus shelters are expected to cost half as much as hard-line ones.
The cost of removing snow from solar panels will also be borne by clear channel advertising.
There are currently 326 grids-
Among the 2300 bus shelters in Edmonton, there are electric bus shelters. twitter.
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