eco living: the house of the future? - solar street light design

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eco living: the house of the future?  -  solar street light design
Imagine a house, when the sun comes out, it will turn off the lights for you.
When you're at work, your son's house that left Xbox at home will tell you that it's built of such smart materials, even tiny glass balls. -
The reinforced paint on the wall has insulation properties.
The house actually exists, at least in prototype, in the park next to M1 north of Waterford.
At present, the Building Research Institute is being tested by scientists. (BRE)
It shows a fascinating energy. -
Save the gadgets, inventions and materials that we can see at home in a few years.
One day in November, I'm going to visit: the clouds in the sky are flying by, and between plums and azure blue, the color is alternating and worrying.
From the outside, the sloping greenhouse roof looks like traditional glass.
Inside, each piece of glass shows tiny wires embedded in it, part of the 5 kilowatt solar energy. (pv)system.
Although these glass panels are transparent, they are orange shadowed, which is the best color for tracking ultraviolet rays.
The color is a little disturbing, like a sodium streetlight directly overhead.
"The development of ecological materials is so fast that we have got rid of the traditional opaque blue. -
These transparent orange color polycrystalline solar collectors you see on the roof-
Stained glass windows, "said John O'Brien of the BBC.
"In about two years, the manufacturer will be able to produce colorless glass collectors, and then every office, and ultimately every household, will theoretically be able to generate its own electricity without interference.
The greenhouse roof is not only a huge solar generator, but also a buffer between the main living area and the outside of the house. It plays the role of "solar space".
In winter, its design captures warmth from the bottom. -
Hang the sun, warm the air in the room, and protect the rest of the house from the cold.
Is "Smart City" the Future?
Eco-Life: Green Trade Eco-Life Guide: Preventing Overheating in Summer Eco-Life: Volunteers Help Community Save Energy Eco-Life: Simple Way to Save Power in Winter Eco-Life G: We Must Embrace Our Grey Tree's Future Orange: Solar Panels for Houses(ANDREW CROWLEY)
Like all solar panel systems, it is also affected by seasonal changes. Power generation in summer is greater than demand, and power generation in winter is less than demand, which is the obvious weakness of this technology.
"In the past, it was widely believed that the only way to store excess electricity was batteries," O'Brien said.
"It's inefficient and cumbersome: you need a battery the size of a submarine buried under the house to provide electricity in winter. "
"However, BRE is currently working with partners to store solar photovoltaic power as thermal energy and convert it back to electricity when needed.
"This is still a fair way out, but it can be achieved one day and overcome the shortcomings of solar power generation, that is to say, in northern latitudes like ours, solar power generation can not be provided when it is most needed.
"Indoor, motion and light sensors ensure the most efficient use-
Energy Lighting System and Its Application-
Enable "Smart Plug" to allow sockets-by-
Electricity monitoring socket.
When O'Brien told me that I could not only remotely check whether my son had turned on the computer, but also remotely shut it down, a world of possibilities emerged.
Forced to abandon the attack on ancient Carthage(
His favorite computer games)
He may actually pick up Virgil's Aeneas and read about Dido's enthusiasm for Aeneas.
BRE Smart Home is a renovated house built in 1998.
Although the existing walls are still working well, so-
Before this year's renovation, the house, known as "Home for the Future", had only received E on its current energy performance rating.
Now, the A/B rating of smart home shows the progress of energy-saving technology.
"Fifteen years ago, the house was at the cutting edge of technology, but many of the original materials and designs were out of date," O'Brien said.
He pointed out that the original rainwater harvesting system was out of date.
"Water was collected underground, pumps failed, leaves blocked the system," he said.
The renovated house will be used-the-
The eaves rainwater tank is a wide and shallow collector, which distributes the weight of water evenly inside the roof.
"This means that it will power toilets and appliances through gravity rather than a pump, which may go wrong.
"Future materials include glass-
Embedded Paint and Paraffin-
The embedded insulation board stores heat during the day and releases heat at night. It is also tested indoors.
I saw a glimpse of the future. It was full of vitality. -
Save Opportunities - if it's a little orange now.
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