diy star trek mailbox made with pvc - solar panel street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-03
diy star trek mailbox made with pvc  -  solar panel street light
It's definitely a hike.
Reddit user modxmv shares the following picture of his uncle's new homemade Star Trek mailbox.
It's made up of different things. -
Dimensions are PVC pipe, plastic container, wood, lamps, etc.
It's even connected to a solar panel so that it lights up at night. (
Unfortunately, there is no such image. .
But hopefully this Starfleet cruise ship-
In the bias shield, block all high school mailbox tampers. (
Or at least spam).
If you want to know, the USPS of this mailbox company represents the U. S. Postal Service.
This makes me wonder how many other DIY mailboxes use PVC.
Through a quick search, I found that a Star Wars fan beat Cui Ji's Star Date in the Star Mailbox Contest.
Craig Smith made his X. -
Long ago, the mailboxes of winged starfighters were packed in wooden and PVC tubes.
It survived in some way. (
Maybe it's because it's not near the street.
But it has become a victim of the weather, requiring some repairs and repainting.
I wonder what would happen if the two spaceships ended up on the same street.
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