disadvantages & advantages on energy sources - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-15
disadvantages & advantages on energy sources  -  solar energy traffic lights
When you turn on the light switch, the energy that lights up the light bulb may come from one of several potential sources of energy.
Different energy sources have different advantages and disadvantages that will not only affect your utility bill, but may also have a global impact on air quality and environmental degradation.
Wind turbines, the wind power giant, have begun to emerge in North America.
When the wind blows to the turbines, they start to rotate, and the electricity generated by the resulting rotation can supply power to businesses, homes and other institutions.
It provides energy without emitting greenhouse gases.
Very low too-
In the long run, cost, as U. S.
According to the Department of Energy, it is one of the cheapest renewable energy sources at present, and it is also inexhaustible.
However, some-
According to the Middlebury School, wind turbines are ugly, noisy and dangerous for local birds that may fly into the turbines.
According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the solar energy captured by solar panels is an unlimited form of energy because the Earth is bombarded with a large amount of solar energy every day.
It is also very clean and does not produce carbon dioxide and is very low
Maintenance is required as the solar panel does not have moving parts.
Unfortunately, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory says its high installation costs make it four times more expensive than the electricity bill for standard utilities.
It takes a year to get the best run and maximum energy output
According to the United States, the weather is fine and the price is very expensive if repair is neededS.
Environmental Protection Bureau.
Fossil fuels like coal and oil are the most extensive --
Energy used in the world
According to Iowa Public Television, it is usually the richest, easiest to get and cheapest form of energy.
However, the Southern Polytechnic State University has warned that fossil fuels are limited and will run out one day.
Due to the mining process and greenhouse gas emissions generated when burning fuel, fossil fuels also endanger the environment.
In addition, they can cause harmful side effects such as air pollution and heavy rain.
Biofuels are made from corn, sugar cane and other crops.
Ethanol is a bio-fuel that is widely used as a gasoline additive for automobiles.
According to the national environmental and economic center, it is renewable and planted domestically to improve energy security, often producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions when burning.
Unfortunately, the crops needed to grow biofuels may pollute the Earth's soil and waterways due to side effects such as farming processes and fertilizer loss.
The use of crops as fuel could also run out of important food crops, which could push up global food prices.
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