cps energy shortsighted, not long, in nuclear power push - all in one solar led street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-06
cps energy shortsighted, not long, in nuclear power push  -  all in one solar led street light
Earlier this year, the organization adopted a vision to make Alamo one of the greenest cities in the United States.
Cape Verde Mission envisages installing solar panels on each roof to help reduce electricity bills for efficient housing, and-
Pay for jobs created locally to achieve all this.
But CPS Energy has a different vision.
While making some encouraging investments in clean energy, utilities'primary energy strategy continues to focus on polluting and unsustainable energy sources.
They have just made a new kind of coal. -
Thermal power plants, now they want to invest in two new expensive and dirty nuclear reactors, which San Antonio does not need.
CPS claims to build new nuclear reactors-at an eye-
The price is $5. 2 billion -
San Antonio's ability to develop clean energy will not be compromised.
But this claim does not hold water.
Although CPS Energy continues its campaign to seek more nuclear power, the energy landscape is changing rapidly.
As recently reported in China, wind power has become one of the cheapest forms of energy, helping to reduce the cost of wholesale power in Texas.
Advances in solar technology have led the United States. S.
DOE predicts that solar energy will reach cost-
By 2015, it will be comparable to fossil fuels. New high-
Technological building products and advanced building technology have produced as much electricity as they use in households. (known as "zero-energy homes")a cost-
Effective reality.
Even natural gas prices are hitting new lows.
All of this poses a huge risk for San Antonio to invest in nuclear energy at this time, both financially and at the opportunity cost of investing in renewable energy. Credit-
Moody's, a rating company, recently warned investors that most companies consider nuclear energy "a gambling farm effort" because of the scale of investment and the length of time it takes to build a nuclear power plant.
Meanwhile, if San Antonio sinks $5.
The $2 billion nuclear power plant will last for 50 years and is likely to attract renewable energy manufacturers and good ones as other cities invest in the future. -
Provide green work for the community.
To be fair, San Antonio has made some impressive investments in clean energy in recent months.
The new "step-by-step" energy conservation plan will reduce 771 megawatts of energy demand. (
Very large coal size-
Thermal power plants)
Create up to 2,000 local jobs.
CPS also invested in two solar power plants and restarted a tax rebate plan to install rooftop solar energy in San Antonio.
But this is just the tip of San Antonio's potential iceberg.
Unfortunately, CPS Energy has not fully investigated these alternatives.
Utilities may not even be able to accurately estimate San Antonio's future energy needs.
Although the Municipal Council adopted improved energy efficiency standards for new buildings as early as March and started a stakeholder process nearly two years ago to consider these specifications, CPS Energy is currently only evaluating their impact on future energy demand forecasts.
The City Council needs to suspend the nuclear war.
In order to obtain all the information needed to make a good decision, the Council hired an external consultancy to analyze the pros and cons of various energy programmes, not just nuclear ones.
This is what Austin has done in its energy planning process, providing fair and independent decision-making information to all stakeholders.
The city should also establish a working group of local consultants to learn from the community.
In order to maintain public trust, the Council must conduct appropriate due diligence, which would undermine its components without a thorough and transparent procedure for approving any additional funds.
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