countryside fears over solar energy growth - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-18
countryside fears over solar energy growth  -  solar energy traffic lights
Rural activists say efforts to produce green energy through large solar power plants have had an unacceptable impact on rural landscapes in the UK.
With nearly 50,000 photovoltaic panels, the Burntstalks Solar Farm in norfolk County captures enough sunlight to power nearly 4,000 households, and is considered a smart move to address UK energy needs.
However, some claim that the sites are another stain on the landscape and are destroying the countryside.
David Hook, who protects the rural movement in England, told Sky News: "I think if the policy has not changed. . .
Industrializing through solar power plants and additional wind turbines will have a huge impact on the countryside and have a very negative impact.
"It's only two years from the first large Sun Park in the UK to start generating electricity in Lincoln County.
At present, there are nearly 160 people, mainly in rural areas, and another 229 are under construction or waiting for approval.
Light source Renewable Energy owns and operates dozens of solar farms near King's Lynn, including Burntstalks.
Mark Turner, director of operations at the company, said: "The balance we have to reach is between a solar farm that is usually only visible to people close to it, it's usually a short glimpse through the hedge while you're driving, with potential wind farms or other non-
Renewable energy including nuclear power plants and coal
Thermal power plant.
"The number of land occupied by the farm is very small, and then what we try to do as much as possible is to use the land for dual use.
"We eat grass or grow wild flowers, so this land is used for use before the panel appears.
"The government has made it clear that it supports the production of solar energy, which it hopes will eventually produce 20GW of energy each year.
Eight times more than currently, enough to power about 6 million homes.
Its first priority is to place the panels on the brown grounds as well as on the roofs of factories, hospitals and houses, but it is not always possible, in Mr Turner's view.
"In the 25 years that we need to return our investment, it is very difficult to find the roof that the company we can rely on has," he said . ".
"It is very difficult to find Brown sites that are south enough to generate enough electricity, close enough to the grid, and not specifically for other purposes.
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