community composting hits dead end - hanging solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-28
community composting hits dead end  -  hanging solar garden lights
Malaysians produce a lot of garbage, and the government has been looking for new ways to solve the problem.
Kuala Lumpur's landfills are filling up quickly, making it difficult for the federal government to find new landfills.
Composting provides an environment-
Friendly solutions;
It helps to reduce the amount of waste that must be disposed of at the waste disposal site, thereby prolonging its life.
It is also a good organic fertilizer.
However, despite the efforts of the local council in Selangor, the response of the local residents has not been enthusiastic so far.
According to some committees, they tried to introduce community composting projects to residents by providing guidelines or even compost boxes, but few people accepted them.
Although there may be some enthusiastic responses when the project is first implemented, participation quickly fails, with only a few people still composting garbage in their kitchens or gardens.
The Selangor government is looking for other ways to manage the state's waste, such as separating waste from its source.
A pilot project will be launched in Kajang City Council.
The state government has made clear its intention to manage waste as a whole and will discuss other options with overseas experts.
Starmetro talked with several committees about their composting plans.
Baling Jiaya City Council(MBPJ)
The Commission has developed a green tax rebate plan to provide tax assessment rebates to households and businesses with water and energy. -
Rainwater harvesting, composting and solar energy conservation measures. The MBPJ One-
Li Lishyan, head of the Cessation Center, said the Council started the household composting project three years ago.
"We have guided interested people for more than two years, and now they can do it themselves.
"We reward homeowners by giving them a 20% rebate on their assessment fees.
This year, 109 submissions have been made. -date,” he said.
In collaboration with a private company, the Commission also established a composting centre in the old town of Jiaya, Baling, to instil the practice of separating waste at its source.
"We encourage vendors at the Altman Market in Yaran to separate organic and non-organic foods. -organic waste.
"We're looking for a variety of things. -
The national companies involved will separate the waste from the company's cafeteria.
"This will have some impact on existing contractors because they have to change their working procedures because waste is separated from the source, but we have several companies that are keen to cooperate," he said.
Subang Jaya City Council(MPSJ)
MPSJ launched the community composting project in 2010, involving 152 residents.
Residents participating in the project must send photos of the compost box and the composting process to MPSJ by e-mail so that the committee can check whether IIT has been completed correctly.
At present, the project is being carried out in Taman Serdang, Taman Berlian, Batu 3 and Kampong Seri Aman, Puchong.
Tan Yeng Yap, a Subang Jaya resident, is a self-
He admits that environmentalists use solar lights and bicycles to go to convenience stores instead of driving whenever they can.
He believed in the benefits of composting and recalled that he used to leave garden garbage outside for contractors to collect.
Once, after they hadn't come for weeks, he noticed that the grass around the garbage bags was getting healthier and healthier.
The garbage in the garden had rotted and leaked out of the bag into the surrounding soil.
This prompted him to study composting.
He makes two kinds of compost. -
One comes from garden garbage, such as leaves and branches, and the other from kitchen garbage, such as skin and eggshells.
"By making compost to fertilize plants, plants will be healthier.
"I can also save fertilizer.
It also reduces the committee's waste collection burden, "he said.
Basheng City Council(MPK)
MPK nursery is a composting field covering 6000 square meters.
The Committee grows plants in nurseries and supplies them to schools and government agencies for landscaping.
Zainuddin MD Noh, assistant agricultural officer at MPK Park and Entertainment, said the Commission began composting after 2011, when they faced waste management problems.
"We can save 2,000 ringgit a month, which is the cost of buying fertilizer.
"We are now sending less garbage to the garbage disposal site.
He said residents could get compost free of charge in nurseries.
"We have received a lot of inquiries and are willing to teach people who are interested in composting at home," he said.
One Committee employee pointed out that plants in nurseries became healthier after using organic fertilizers.
Kajang City Council(MPKj)
Norazman Abdul Rahim, head of MPKJ Landscape Department, said the committee-
Indoor composting projects for more than six years.
"We use grass, leaves and branches collected by public cleaning contractors who are responsible for pruning and mowing trees.
"We haven't used garbage from the residents yet, because garbage has not been separated.
Residents usually throw away plants and a lot of garbage together, so separating them is a very troublesome thing, "he said.
He added that about five years ago, MPKJ had a community composting project, but it failed within a year due to lack of participation from residents.
"Residents should separate garbage from the source," he suggested.
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