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by:Litel Technology     2019-08-15
cnn politics on facebook »  | cnn politics on twitter »   dhs to end color-coded terror alert system  -  solar energy traffic lights
The Department of Homeland Security ended its color.
As expected, Fran Townsend, CNN national security contributor, confirmed the coding terrorist threat rating system in April.
Established in 2002, the system aims to inform the public of the current risks of terrorist acts through a five-measurelevel, color-
The "threat condition" indicator of the code.
The level of terrorist threat in the United States todayS.
Both domestic and international flights, the government is yellow. S.
According to the Department of Homeland Security, the threat level is high, or orange.
The Department of Homeland Security will turn to a system that focuses on specific threats in geographical areas.
It will be called the National Terror Advisory System.
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will officially announce the news tomorrow in a "state of Homeland Security in the United States" speech at George Washington University.
This is probably the most important event in my life and we can keep our color
But put it at work on our southern border.
You know, some people who illegally enter the country may be disguised al-Qaida agents.
Every time more than 1,000 intersections are said, we can enter the red threat level of "Al Qaeda may invade.
Think again, maybe we shouldn't.
Congress will have to fund all the red bulbs we need, and then we will have to borrow money from China to pay for the bulbs they sell us.
Phil, solar light.
Enter the era of green technology.
This is discrimination.
We haven't experienced the threat of pink or lavender yet.
Before you finish all this, let the queen of change be a day too! @JC has VD. . . he he.
If we use solar panels, terrorists can see them.
We 'd better use the Tesla coil.
Or, we can use the terror alarm system when the kids don't have their seat belts fastened. (not in that 5-
Star crash rating car you drive, at zero
The star school bus they took)
I'm surprised we don't have any more solar traffic lights.
They started to introduce me around the island at a busy intersection.
Not only did they ease congestion, but they did not need electricity.
The Tesla coil is sweet.
There was a guy doing a music show who fired power from his hands.
Electricity dances with music.
You may find it on youtube @ JCVD. . . Good points. Maybe the gov.
Solar power can also be used at intersections to power their spy cameras.
I also saw the rise around the island.
Recently, I did two things near the Broadmoor Hotel (
Dubya "last time" drunk place is famous)
In Colorado Springs
After people got used to them, they made great changes. @Jim Brieske. . .
Just for your own information.
Primitive Christians like Jesus and his early followers have never joined the Army or resisted.
They never swore allegiance to any flag.
One of them pulled out his weapon at a time, which was to protect Jesus himself from the angry Jewish mob who tried to catch him.
Jesus corrected this and said, "My kingdom is not a part of this world, otherwise my entourage will fight.
"It is false Christians who choose to obey men like government officials rather than God.
In this matter, the word of God is very clear: "Those who live by the sword will die by the sword", beware of the false profits of the prophets who claim to speak on television on behalf of Jesus. . .
Philip, I say what you call 100% Amen, beware 501 c 3 the so-called Church, it got their walking documents from the government, nothing but the country club of the flavor of Jesus. .
Have an idea! ! !
Let's cut it from the budget instead of implementing the new system and saving ourselves some money.
Seriously, what else can this do besides creating massive paranoia?
This blog-just posted-will no longer be updated.
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