clouds on alien planet mapped for the first time - solar traffic light system

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clouds on alien planet mapped for the first time  -  solar traffic light system
Scientists created the first one.
Cloud map of planets outside our solar system.
Although the general Jupitersize Kepler-
Closer to its stars than the Sun --
The effects of hot Mercury on the sun, using NASA's Kepler telescope and Spitzer Space Telescope astronomers have determined that clouds are present at the Western Heights of the exoplanet's atmosphere.
"By observing the planet with Spitzer and Kepler for more than three years, we were able to produce a very low
Brice, the lead author of the study-"the resolution 'map' of this giant gas planet'
Olivier de Murray of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said in a statement.
"We don't want to see oceans or continents in this type of world, but we have found a clear, reflective feature that we call the cloud. " [
The weirdest alien planetGallery)]
American trend NewsS.
The drone shot down 2019 NBA Draft rookie police and killed one of the first five exoplanets confirmed by the Kepler spacecraft-
As far as Earth is from the sun, the B _ 7 orbit is only about 5% kilometers away from its stars.
Kepler, visible.
Light observations reveal a bright spot in the western hemisphere of Earth.
The researchers initially thought the land might be hot, but Spitzer's observations changed their minds.
Spitzer's infrared eyes show Kepler
The temperature of B is between 1,500 and 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit (
820 and 980 degrees Celsius)--
Amazing cool so close
It is a planet that runs around orbit and is too cool for heat to be a source of mysterious brightness.
So, the researchers concluded that what Kepler actually observed was a rebound in stellar light from high altitude.
Atmospheric cloud"Kepler-
The light reflected by 4b is much larger than most of the giant planets we found, and we attribute it to the clouds in the upper atmosphere, "co-
Author Thomas Barclay, NASA's Ames Research Center in mofferfield, California
Said in a statement.
"Unlike the cloud model on Earth, the cloud model on this planet doesn't seem to change much over time ---
The climate is very stable.
"According to the study, the study will be published in the upcoming Journal of astrophysics Express, where the west side of the Earth is dominated by high clouds, while the east side has clear skies.
"Spitzer is with Kepler. We have more than one.
The wavelength tool can well observe planets that are trillions of miles away, "said Paul Hertz, director of NASA's Astrophysical Department.
Hertz was not involved in the study.
"We are now at a stage in exoplanets science, and we are moving beyond just exploring exoplanets into exciting scientific fields that understand exoplanets.
Discovered in 2010.
Although it is 1.
It is five times larger than Jupiter, less than half the mass of Jupiter. Its Styrofoam-
Just like the density is less than water, which makes it one of the least density
Found dense planets
And four other planets, Kepler.
The orbit of a star is larger than that of the sun.
Cloudy planets run around stars, Kepler-
Once every five days;
Its brothers and sisters are also short-lived.
The system is located in the Leila constellation.
Since its launch in March 2009, Kepler has identified more than 3,500 planetary candidates;
So far, more than 150 of them have been confirmed --Look up.
From Kepler's point of view, the spacecraft identifies potential exoplanets by observing the decline in brightness they cause as they cross in front of the parent star.
Five this year, the second of Kepler's four orientation
The failure of the reaction wheel prevented the telescope from aiming accurately and stopped searching for exoplanets.
However, scientists are still working on data for more than four years to identify potential candidates.
NASA is currently trying to develop a new mission for Kepler, and other Kepler systems are working well.
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