call to develop all-weather traffic lights - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-12
call to develop all-weather traffic lights  -  solar traffic light system
Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic)S. N.
Call on IITians Shrivastava to develop zero on SundayMaintenance all-
In order to end the traffic jam in the capital, the weather is good.
At the "road safety" seminar organized by IIT alumni at Delhi Indian Institute of Technology, Mr.
Shrivastava, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, said the city had about 70 traffic signals flashing every day.
The situation deteriorated during heavy rains and sandstorms. Non-
Functional traffic signals can lead to chaotic scenes, blockages and accidents, he added.
"All developmentLow weather
Maintaining traffic signals that can be automatically lit according to the environment will help to check traffic congestion in the capital to a large extent.
Traffic lights make traffic police on the road more powerful . "Shrivastava. Mr.
Shrivastava said that the city was introducing a new advanced system before the Commonwealth Games, which would greatly help to control and monitor the movement of vehicles.
"Although there are some problems, many good things are happening and things will be much better soon," he said . ".
He pointed out that there are about 725 traffic signals and 435 signal lights in Delhi.
Traffic signals are often flashing due to power outages, stagnant water and construction work, Shrivastava said.
"A new tender has been made for the installation of new signals and flash lights.
Some of the requirements in the tender are to install LEDs on signals or flash lights to convert existing LEDs-
"Convert traffic signal lights into solar signals, install auditory signals and automatic signal monitoring systems," he added . ". Mr.
Shrivastava said that given next year's Commonwealth Games, police have begun to identify traffic bottlenecks where equipment can be installed.
Delhi is notorious for its traffic bottlenecks, as the number of vehicles traveling on blocked city roads has exceeded 58 lakh.
In addition, more than one lakh car from neighboring countries enters the city every day.
At least 1,000 new cars are registered every day, and the traffic police are already trying to find a solution.
IIT Alumini Association Y spoke at the meeting. P. S.
Su Rui stressed that public participation and strict penalties and norms are needed in controlling traffic in the capital.
IITs will provide all technical support when developing all-
In addition to finding a solution to the capital's traffic woes, he said, weather signals were provided.
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