beware of led lights, cautions expert - solar led garden light

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-30
beware of led lights, cautions expert  -  solar led garden light
The state and central government are making every effort to promote the development of LED. (
Light Emitting Diode)
Lights indoors and outdoors.
However, experts warn that if LED lighting is not properly installed, it may cause serious damage to human health.
Lighting designer and educator Anil Valia said in a keynote speech at a debate organized by the American Society of Engineers on Tuesday that long-term exposure to blue light (LED lighting is 10% more than CFL lighting) can lead to eye fatigue and vision problems.
CFL contains about 25% harmful blue light and LED contains about 35% harmful blue light.
He mentioned that the whiter the LED, the higher the proportion of blue light.
Blue light affects the back of the eye and accelerates age. -
Relevant macular degeneration leads to irreversible visual impairment.
Ring the alarm, sir.
In addition to LED lights, excessive exposure to devices such as mobile phones and computer screens can also lead to blue light exposure, Vallia said.
Long-term exposure to blue light at night further disturbs the circadian rhythm. (body clock)
By reducing the production of melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone.
"Taking 20 seconds off a digital device every 20 minutes and then shifting your attention beyond 20 feet will help maintain a comfortable vision," he said.
Even if the U. S. Department of Energy was quoted, the LED lights would not be more harmful than any other lighting, Vallia said.
However, lighting products should be ensured to meet national and international Photobiological Safety standards.
Scintillation and glare, more frequency and intensity are another problem associated with poor quality LEDs.
Bad drives are used with LEDs to save money and even flicker when turned off. Flicker Index (FI)
And regulation(Mod%)
The flicker frequency should be checked and the uniform glare level should be verified for glare effect.
However, with the development of chronobiology, photobiology and scotobiology, outdated technologies for lighting are changing, which determine how ambient light directly affects the human body and brain. Valia said.
LED streetlights also have their drawbacks. Two years ago, doctors of the American Medical Association warned that white LED lights inhibit melatonin five times more effectively than high-pressure sodium lamps, while high-pressure sodium lamps output the same light.
For street lighting and other outdoor devices, AMA recommends using 3,000 Kelvin or less relevant color temperature lamps. (CCT).
On the other hand, when blue light comes from the sun, it will be beneficial, because blue light will diffuse into the atmosphere, stimulate retinal ganglion cells, thereby improving the biological rhythm. Mr.
Varia called for "people-centered lighting" and strongly recommended that ISA should also include lighting parameters for bioluminescence.
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