.au reader ideas for 2020 summit debate - solar energy traffic lights

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.au reader ideas for 2020 summit debate  -  solar energy traffic lights
This weekend, a specially selected group traveled to Canberra to discuss the idea of building a better Australia. com.
The Au reader has solved the problem.
Over the past two weeks, our 1000 summit debate has received more than 2020 proposals --
Hosted by blogger Tim Dunlop
The best 50 selected are listed below.
Some ideas are very serious-
They may work some interesting things.
Climate change and sustainable development attract the interest of most readers, followed by health.
The future of Australia: read 2020 ideas here in detail Aboriginal line: Call for new ATSIC to anger Mundine crayfish dinner: the idea of not cutting the sustainability issue by 2020 includes some critics, they think the whole climate agenda is bad --conceived.
Other recurring ideas include the use of alternative energy with the support of the government
Nuclear power also has its fans.
Many people in the health department support some kind of user --
In the payment system, smokers or overweight persons are charged more for medical services and procedures.
In addition to the specific ideas adopted, there are some impassioned feelings about the entire process of the 2020 summit, and the government and people are committed to making this country a better role.
But there's nothing more here-there's no particular ranking --
The best choice.
50 ways to fix Australia: 1.
If Australia is to make progress, we need to develop more satellite cities inland to ease congestion in coastal cities.
Michael of Mount Xia.
Encourage telecommuting (
Through tax incentives)
To reduce traffic on the road and environmental costs associated with maintaining a large workforce in the CBD. Janekc3.
Australia needs a city like Vegas, need to reduce the liquor licensing law-why can I buy 18 packs of Corona beer in the US for $25, then pay $64 here-stupid tax
Dianella, Dom of wa4.
GP clinic all time.
People should not go to the emergency room because of problems such as small burns and wounds that the local GP or nurse can handle.
Rpg of Melbourne 5.
Stop two years of cosmetic surgery and get these doctors to do real work in public hospitals.
Alan of Ingleburn
Web can be used to achieve wide-
Extensive communication and collaboration
For this, wiki or social networks can be adjusted.
All of us can supervise discussions and suggestions and provide input to them if we wish.
Kevin Lenney's Broome7.
If Parliament has flexible work arrangements such as the use of video
The meeting may encourage more women to nominate members of parliament and encourage more people from rural areas rather than requiring them to attend in person. Rachel8.
How about making the second job tax free?
Everyone is equal if you want to get a second job.
Note: You must work 40 hours a week to get 2nd of your work tax free income.
Banjo in Sydney.
Extend the smart meter to program it to automatically turn on/off appliances, depending on user preferencesg.
During the critical rush hour, turn off the air conditioning and turn off the beer fridge and the second TV in the shed.
The recent invasion of NT seems important and can be quickly replaced with some form of local decision-making --
Rather than more parental style. Self-
Determination is vital, not all, though not all.
Liqun Brisbane11.
As in New Zealand, there should be automatic Aboriginal representation in the Federal Parliament of our country.
This can be achieved by having Aboriginal voters vote for their delegates in the Senate.
Bazza of Darwin No. 12 nt
Why do many vehicles/people who want to turn left have to sit down unnecessarily before a red light to waste fuel, time and cause congestion?
Why not?
Will allow "exceptions rather than rules? dg of Cromer13.
Raise the goods and services tax to 20 cents, and then cut the income tax completely.
Imagine the savings of getting rid of ATO!
ERAM of Baulkham hills14.
They can solve the problem of long waiting lists for overseas adoption and long waiting lists for cultivation by reducing the interference of real parents with their foster children.
Grahame in Melbourne15
End slavery by managing the franchise.
Karen of Adele
Australia's greenhouse gas emissions come from animal husbandry.
This is our second concern.
Largest emission economic sector (
After static power generation)
From the general problem of emission reduction is ignored.
How about Rixaketon's "stay away from cows and head to kangaroos as our first source of red meat as soon as possible?
Steve J of Perth18.
First look at the funds of ABC.
We took this dinosaur off.
It also reduced funding for Australian films.
It's basically garbage.
A little less taxpayer money could raise average output. chalks19.
I want to see an incentive.
Type scheme of local reservation-
Qualified personnel in their area
Tax exemption for housing, goods and services, commercial compensation, family tax incentives, continuing education and training grants-
Further incentives for more qualified people to enter these rural areas. Rachel20.
Personally, I think every Australian should get a free university degree.
You do not pay for any subject. Seano21.
Canceling all stamp duty on sales of used cars made in 2009 and beyond will encourage people to buy newer used cars that are better for the environment and safer roads.
Phil of Cheltenham22
I see a lot of new buildings that seem counter-productive.
Intuitive energy efficiency-
Large box glass without awning, no sign of taking advantage of solar energy so easily accessible.
Water tanks can also be used in office buildings and apartment buildings.
Greg of the Australian agricultural industry is not/is not sustainable
Just the wrong crop and the wrong climate caused the wrong animals.
Cannabis cloth grows better anywhere than cotton and cannabis plants.
Paul overseas.
Providing infrastructure for people living outside the city will give us more choices in difficult times.
No one of us wants alms, just some tax money where we live would be nice, thanks.
Fran in Vic25
The government must serve the functions of the referee for our business community.
That means they have to stop trying to score and try to choose which team to win.
Matt Thompson of Perth26
While all the creators and publishers of other art forms have obtained one and two royalties from one and two uses of the work, the actors do not.
This problem needs to be solved.
Briisbane27. of rose sharp.
Seriously consider the land management strategy proposed by Peter Andrews in the book back from the edge-if you look at the dry and fertile areas where he is.
Charlie of Melbourne.
Encourage fast and innovative low-carbon incentive programs that lead us to clean power and transport solutions and shift the labor force from the polluting industry to the cleaning industry.
Richard of St Kilda West 29
I want to see the government educate instead of punishing P-
This creates a series of new problems.
Bianca on the Central Coast.
Duplication of waste in these countries, particularly legislation, policies and management, must be abolished.
How many health ministers does this country need to really achieve health?
Retired bayside31.
The most precious thing the art fund can buy for me is. . . time.
I would very much like to be able to apply for a one-year "scholarship "--
Enough to cover basic living expenses-
Evaluate based on a compelling project introduction.
To get my project "industry ready" I will be happy to go all out.
Of Rubeedoo summertown32.
Legalize all drugs, synthesize them, and prescribe them.
Make money from taxes, make money from doctors' visits, make money from compulsory counseling, and make money from high-income labor.
Keep it away from the black market.
Briisbane33. of Jared.
I think we need to stop giving orders on how to improve the situation of indigenous people.
Any action taken should be done at the community level, and if successful trials are conducted in other communities, trials should be made. Trev -
Perth at North Bridge wa34.
When big American companies buy all the farms and invest in tenant farmers, we all have a better time, and then they can run every farm, or should I say franchise?
Daniel K888 of Melbourne35
We should provide a limited number of Hirsch placements for students studying at foreign universities.
The domino of Canberra36.
In negotiations with nurses and teachers, the Alpe state government will adopt a one-size-fits-all approach.
This prevents them from responding to reasonable expectations of people currently employed in these occupations.
Tom in MelbourneA government-
Promote the "Say hello" campaign for our community.
This has proven to be very effective in Canada and has helped to reach the community more closely.
The hyena of Perth38.
When private institutions are subject to the same standards as the public system, they should receive the same funding.
This is: education for all the population in all regions.
Children with problems must be dealt with instead of getting them back to the public system. Tom R39.
If we want to provide high quality learning for business people, then we must encourage industry and business to train young people for their industry and business.
Queensland 40.
Provide students from small to elementary schools with skills to express problems and tools to help them solve problems without any form of violence.
There will be an amazing flowon effect.
Kitty's briisbane41.
Let's surf the Internet quickly.
This does not mean 20 Mbit for the future.
This means getting 100 Mbit today and planning to go beyond that as a technology.
Become available. Tim of Perth42.
The country has a unified system of police, hospitals and education.
Greg of Sydney
With the help of tutors, how about doing a community program for students at school every year as part of their class until grade 10?
Mark of Sydney 44
Teaching life skills such as reading and writing to students in school (Too little can be done now)
And finance, nutrition, professional ethics, respect for others, and so on, not the garbage they're getting now --
For example, "your right at home" or "your right at centrelink ".
Citizen Brisbane45.
Many people have to give up their creative cause because the government's relentless pursuit of them is "to find a real job," and if their creative efforts are encouraged, then it is likely that person has established a business. happy of Qld46.
Promote tax relief and tax incentives for local film and television production. CAM47.
First, force the use of 800mm eaves, solar hot water and rain water in the gardens and toilets of all new homes.
We missed a decade of real estate boom.
Let's not miss the next one.
Common wealth of Australia.
Reversible rebate for voluntary super donations.
You will keep the rebate if you leave the money in.
If you take the money out, the rebate will be returned to the government and you will receive the money after tax. jc of Sydney49.
It's a shame that people have to drive on the highway on weekends just to make kms eligible for a new rental.
Priority should be given to reviewing laws governing these unnecessary waste of gasoline.
Iqu Melbourne50.
We need to be a republic with a statutory bill of rights.
Of the Pollwatcher briisbanenews. com.
Thank you for your valuable contributions.
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