anti-carbon tax convoy rolls through regina - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-14
anti-carbon tax convoy rolls through regina  -  solar traffic light system
If you don't see them in 10-
The Regina road stretches for several kilometers and you may hear the sound of the horn.
Hundreds of protesters from across the province and beyond gathered in Regina to oppose
A carbon tax convoy and rally were held in the city today.
Rally to Protest Trudeau's carbon tax bill69, Bill C-
48. Advocate pipeline.
And former Minister of Agriculture, Claire Stewart.
A young man at Evraz Place parking told Moe, "I want to thank you personally for standing up for Saskatchewan. ”By 1:30 p. m.
At the beginning of the speech, AMoe sent the attendees greetings "good afternoon, the largest truck fleet in the history of the world.
Mo said that the Prime Minister was targeting "Ryan Meili is not here" at the time, which caused the booing of the crowd.
"He thought the rally was reversed.
We all know it's nonsense.
Murray said, "there is absolutely no interest in hearing anyone from anyone who disagrees with him . ".
"As of Wednesday, organizers said they expected to have about 600 trucks, but it was reported that some trucks, including tractor power units, were priced at nearly a thousand (
Some have trailers, some don't)
Trucks, pickup trucks and other light vehicles.
An organizer said they had about 700 registered personnel.
Although final statistics have not yet been released, protesters believe they have set a new world record.
The convoy honked as it entered the city along Arcola Avenue.
Flags and signs from Canada and the province of SA are hung on the truck with the words "For Pete" and "Ralph, you are disappointed.
"Some people line up and provide support within sight --or not.
"I know that work is important to everyone, but there is no environment, there is no clean and healthy environment, what is the benefit of work," he asked . ".
"Because I am an environmental activist, I am in favor of a carbon tax.
Brad Ross, sitting on his truck in the parking lot of a restaurant on Arcola Avenue, said he wanted to show support because he was also against carbon emissions.
"I don't think people realize how this will affect everyone and every business.
And ultimately its actual cost.
"More fuel," he said . ".
Ross said he believes in climate change and everyone is doing their part.
But he does not believe that a carbon tax is the way to achieve that.
"Climate change is clear.
This is everyone's problem . . . . . . But you have to provide more (recylcling)
Facilities and better plans than taxes.
Ross said he wanted the convoy and the rally to "send a message to Ottawa ".
When they enter Evraz Place loudly after 11. m.
All kinds of trucks drove into the parking lot and made a round of victory before queuing up.
Some of the people who attended the rally got off the bus and climbed their car to investigate the scene.
A sign on a truck.
Flag of Canada and flag of several provinces
Includes information on "UN/globalism", "pipeline is" and "photo ID and Canadian referendum.
Other trucks convey messages such as "make the energy industry great again" and "end freedom destruction in Western Canada.
"There's another middle --
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's finger chart.
A large crane at Evraz Place hoisted 96 feet people in the air to investigate at least 10 rows of very long parked trucks.
There are millions of people driving trucks in the convoy.
"That's great," he said of the drive, shouting at the sound of the horn.
"Everyone is tired of ruining our government . . . . . . Everyone is here just to get rid of the carbon tax, "he said of the reason he came out.
Millions of people are retired businessmen who have worked in oil fields.
A friend asked him to drive a truck in the team.
"A carbon tax is a complete waste of time," he said . " He added that he was in favor of eliminating carbon emissions.
In fact, he installed a $80,000 solar system and attributed it to help with the environment.
When asked about Huang esters, millions insist that he is not a yellow v.
"They are too radical," he added . "
However, there are many yellow vests and signs along the way.
Devin Fletcher also drove a truck from Estevan, who served as a crane operator at an oil and gas company.
"We can no longer be ignored.
We have had enough, "he said.
"This is the way we live, and we will defend it.
Asked if he had any information to the prime minister, Fletcher replied, "Let's go back to work . ".
Building these pipes
Let our oil and gas flow and make Canada complete again.
"Dale Heenan, a farm in the big Coulee area, said he hoped that the message of such support would be communicated to Ottawa.
"Look at it casually.
"We are united," he said . "
"There are rumors that there are 38 miles of trucks.
"Several people at the rally thanked the police agencies inside and outside the city for facilitating the smooth progress of the convoy.
Police in ReginaRPS)
Said it had developed a plan to guide the convoy through the city and asked Regina residents and tourists to do their part to help implement the plan "smoothly and successfully.
Just before 10: 30 A. M. m.
Along the planned fleet route, the traffic lights at the intersection began flashing red.
North and South-
Bound traffic that intersect the route will be blocked.
However, officials will be able to control (and interrupt)
If they think it is necessary to ease excessive traffic construction, traffic flow-up on north-south roadways.
During the convoy, police warned drivers in the area that long delays were expected.
On one occasion, the front of the team was entering Evraz Place, while the back end was still on Arcola Avenue near the edge of the city, a 10-
Kilometers long.
A company along this route had a good time in the protests.
The future print on Saskatchewan Drive has a yellow sign in front of it with a reference to C. W.
Mccaur song "Call"
1975 novel country songs are the inspiration for the 1978 Sam pekinpa film team starring Chris Christopher Sen.
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