alpan in decorative arena. - small solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-27
alpan in decorative arena.  -  small solar garden lights
CAMARILLO, Cal. --Alpan Inc.
Senior supplier-
Technological electronic home renovation, security anti-theft devices, has entered the decorative indoor lighting arena, lighting with the Hercules lamp.
Hercules is 16 inches tall, head spinning, 12-volt, 20-
Watt halogen bulbs and electric height adjustment allow consumers to point the light to where they want it.
Hercules manufactured in Hong Kong, only black, retails for about $69. 99.
This lamp is part of Alpan's new Ortek decorative lighting line, which is more modern in character. -
Design Hawk fluorescent lamp.
The eagle is characterized by its length. -life, low-
Fluorescent bulbs for energy-saving lighting.
Alpan's core business is composed of Siemens Solarindustries, which acquired Siemens Solarindustries last year.
Siemens Solar Energy Production Line-
Electric garden lights, safety lights and battery charging are sold in the name of Alpine solar energy.
These products are widely distributed in Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Lowe's, Builders Square, Servistar, True Hardware, Price/Costco and other home decoration retailers.
Alpan's manufacturing and market are also low. -
Voltage lighting, anti-theft devices and other products.
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