akon says his bid to restore puerto rico’s power was rejected - solar street light project

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-04
akon says his bid to restore puerto rico’s power was rejected  -  solar street light project
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Four percent of Puerto Rico Electricity Authority customers still have no electricity five months after Hurricane Maria - a situation Arkann believes he can help prevent.
In an interview with ATMZ on Saturday, the rapper revealed that his charity Ventureakon Lighting Africa had proposed restoring the island's electricity supply, but was rejected by the United States. S. government.
"We actually put forward a plan for Puerto Rico and it turned out to be rejected," Akan told TMZ.
"We are well aware of Puerto Rico's solution.
We turned on the electricity in less than 30 days, and they turned us down.
"In late September, Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria, and Puerto Rico was plunged into darkness. That deadly storm destroyed Puerto Rico's islands for decades. " -old power grid.
Electricity restoration was initially carried out at White Fish Energy, a small village in Montana. -based firm.
The $300 million contract was severely criticized for its limited experience, suspicion of links with Trump management and lack of transparency in the bidding process.
The Puerto Rican Government cancelled the contract at the end of October.
Akon says it has provided electricity to people in at least 14 African countries that use a variety of solar energy modes, including solar street lamps and micro-devices. -
Generators, charging stations and home kits.
When asked why he refused to help Puerto Rico, Akan said it was a question of "politics, special interests and propaganda".
"They don't care about people," he added.
"If so, they will allow us to come in and offer solutions.
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