african inventions saving lives - solar panel garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-29
african inventions saving lives  -  solar panel garden lights
According to UNICEF, infant and maternal deaths are "one in 13 Nigerian women who die during pregnancy and childbirth".
Now a young Nigerian woman is determined to reduce infant and maternal mortality in Africa.
Kesandu Nwokolo and her team have created CradleCount, a mobile app designed to reduce the risk of having children in areas where hospitals and clinics cannot reach in time.
CradleCount helps pregnant women and doctors accurately calculate the expected date of delivery during the female menstrual cycle using the date of the last cycle before pregnancy.
It also regularly sends pregnancy health tips to mothers-to-be, and can even work without an Internet connection after downloading applications from Google Play stores.
Another innovative news in Nigeria addresses the risks faced by African mothers in rural areas.
It's called the "lifebuoy," developed by Suellen Miller, a nurse, midwife and professor at the University of California.
Postpartum hemorrhage is the main cause of maternal mortality in rural areas.
Life buoy is right and wrong-
Pneumatic shock suit, as a first aid equipment, stabilizes the risk of death of new mothers.
This simple and ingenious technique allows women to survive when they go to a hospital for surgery or wait for treatment for postpartum hemorrhage.
Lifejackets can interrupt the bleeding process and give the body time to clot.
In Tanzania, significant progress is being made in eliminating mosquitoes in order to combat the mosquito disaster. -
Disseminate diseases, such as malaria.
Researchers at the Ifakala Institute of Health have developed a mosquito landing box, which uses human odors to attract and kill up to 60% of mosquitoes in the test area.
The device cleverly simulates a synthetic human odor that attracts malaria-transmitting Anopheles mosquitoes.
The box emits a small amount of carbon dioxide, which is what we breathe and what attracts these insects.
Once in the box, insects are infected by a deadly fungus, electrocuted or soaked in pesticides.
The device is powered by solar panels.
Similar progress has been made in Asia.
Dengue fever is a mosquito-
In the past 50 years, the incidence of viral-transmitted diseases has risen sharply in developing countries.
Malaysia had an unprecedented outbreak of dengue fever last year, killing more than 200 people.
In Asia, the economic cost of the disease is estimated at billions of dollars a year.
Developed by researchers at the University of Malaya-
The green outdoor lighting system includes an LED street lamp that produces low levels of carbon dioxide to lure mosquitoes.
Mosquito traps use insects'sensory abilities to deceive them with features that mimic human odors.
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