15 effective home improvement ideas to make it energy efficient (infographic) - solar outdoor ceiling light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-25
15 effective home improvement ideas to make it energy efficient (infographic)  -  solar outdoor ceiling light
October 27 is Energy Star Day.
What we're talking about is how to save money in every business cycle, from bulk buying discounted packages of dry goods to keeping up with the maintenance of our brand-new cars.
However, there is an area where the cost of homeowners literally and figuratively flies away.
Most of us do poorly in controlling energy bills.
However, we are discussing the macro-effects of energy waste.
The enormous impact of the American household budget has awakened many people.
However, few Americans know how to reduce energy waste.
The answer lies in 15 simple steps to turn your home into an energy-saving machine.
Source: 99 smart homes.
Comsource: 99 Smart Home. com.
Source: xcelenergy.
The average American household uses 47 light bulbs, saving more than 80 percent of its energy.
Forget the government.
Do the right thing and replace incandescent bulbs with LED indoor lights.
Your accountant will also thank you.
We always wash the toilet when the kitchen sink tap is on.
Double flush toilets can use water to reduce water consumption when needed.
Double flush toilets have two handles or buttons for flushing different water levels to ensure that you only use the water you need.
The annual energy savings are equivalent to more than $100 in sewage and water costs.
Do you really need more lights at home?
You don't need a floodlight to read a favorite book or watch a blacklist of the latest episodes.
The dimmer saves more than 90% of the light, which means that your total energy cost is reduced by 10%.
You just need to set the dimmer to meet your needs and watch the lights dim automatically after a period of time.
The fewer lights you use, the more energy-efficient you will get from LED bulbs.
How many times have you stopped using laptops or desktops to do other things?
Your smartphone sends out text messages or FedEx to knock on the door.
Anyway, you waste precious energy and let unattended computing devices run at full power.
Laptops and desktops, including "automatic shutdown" features, prevent you from wasting energy, and you tend to do other things.
When the system detects the default inactivity period, this function automatically shuts down the computer power.
So, activate these functions by going to Settings(
Or control panel)
In your device.
The traditional power board provides a convenient way for owners to increase the number of power outlets.
However, because electronic devices are mostly plugged in, this convenience leads to inadvertent use of energy.
Many electronic devices, such as plasma televisions and DVD players, still use power after you turn off the machine.
The intelligent power supply board eliminates the energy consumption of the traditional power supply board by realizing the same automatic shutdown function as the computer.
Once the plasma TV is turned off, the smart power board will automatically cut off the power supply of the power socket.
Energy efficiency experts estimate that smart power boards save homeowners more than $100 a year in energy costs.
Air conditioning destroys us by producing stable cold air and dry air.
However, too many homeowners are detonating air conditioning from the first sign of spring to the last gasp of autumn.
Air conditioning consumes a lot of energy, especially in homes where hot and humid air leaks.
Windows may be the least efficient household appliances.
In every room of your house, the answer to the waste of energy in air conditioning revolves critically above what you hear.
Ceiling fans push warm air off the ceiling, which provides benefits for heating during the colder months of the year.
The ceiling fan with superior geographical position can reduce energy waste of HVAC by more than 10%.
We know that dripping showers waste water and energy.
A shower head that includes drip function allows you to reduce water flow while you soap it up.
Water-saving functions seem to save little energy, but every point should strive to achieve the idea of family improvement, so that it can save energy.
Sealing the windows in the house is very helpful for saving energy.
Advanced technology further develops sealing windows by introducing intelligent shutters.
Honeycomb louvers and honeycomb louvers work together with windows to reduce heat loss by up to 86%.
Intelligent shutter operates timer switch, you set it at night and automatic sunlight detector during the day to save energy.
We know the safety benefits of installing outdoor motion sensor lighting.
Additional benefits will help you save energy, thereby reducing your monthly electricity and water bills.
When the sensor detects the motion, the light based on the motion sensor turns on automatically.
Many systems do not open for small animals, which will save you more energy.
Ensto will save about 60% of the lighting cost.
The motion sensor illumination system also makes it easy for you to move on deck with your hands full.
After an outdoor carnival, we sometimes forget to turn off the outdoor lighting.
This forgetfulness increases energy consumption.
From dusk to dawn, the LED bulb will automatically turn off at a specific time to prevent energy waste.
Of course, we have found the energy-saving advantages of LED bulbs.
Too many homeowners avoid using solar power systems because they mistakenly believe that solar power systems cause huge losses in household bank accounts.
Although the initial investment is higher than other types of outdoor lights, in a few months, the electricity savings will be much lower.
Solar outdoor lights can save more than $30 a year for typical households.
Regular replacement of air filters is another good way to reduce energy costs.
This is especially true if you spend more than $100 on cooling and heating at home.
By developing this habit, you can save nearly $50 a year.
This amount of savings is enough to cover the extra filters you will use.
For example, advanced technology makes us complacent in energy consumption.
For example, an automated lawn irrigation system opens from a programming schedule.
However, the automatic irrigation system is inefficient.
Save $10 to $35 a month on water and save energy by manually operating the lawn irrigation system.
We all use smartphones, tablets and laptops in our homes.
As devices become more intelligent, more and more applications are running, leading to more battery usage.
So we usually charge these devices at night.
For these devices, it is best to use an intelligent charging station that closes automatically at regular intervals or after the device is fully charged.
Charging equipment is responsible for using nearly 10% of a household's electricity, which is a considerable energy and financial consumption.
That's why it's important to make sure you use the right energy-saving charging station so that you can get the benefit of not consuming too much electricity.
Smart home automation allows home owners to control virtually everything that consumes energy.
Programmable intelligent thermostat is at the forefront of household energy-saving campaign.
Intelligent thermostats automatically adjust to the time of the day.
You can set up a smart home thermostat through your smart phone.
Switching to an intelligent thermostat saves nearly $200 a year.
Having a home requires a lifelong financial commitment, including finding ways to save energy consumption.
You don't have to be Stephen Hawking to get the reward of implementing household energy conservation practices.
In fact, most energy-saving measures involve little or no financial investment at all.
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