10 things to expect from india’s 20 smart cities - integrated solar led street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-06
10 things to expect from india’s 20 smart cities  -  integrated solar led street light
In 98 cities, through a competitive selection process, 20 cities have been selected, and the word "smart city" now has more meaning.
It is worth mentioning that the selection of this ambitious mission of 100 smart cities is the first of its kind in India.
In addition, the selection schedule was met without any delay.
This is very important, because most governments-
Relevant submissions are usually expanded for various reasons, sometimes without reason.
This fact clearly demonstrates the firm intention and interest of relevant city managers and citizens to incorporate their cities into the Smart City Plan.
All cities are involved in proposals for better infrastructure in ensuring water supply and power supply, sanitation and solid waste management, effective urban mobility and public transport, information technology connectivity, and e-commerce. -governance —
Most importantly, citizen participation.
In the selection process, Bubaneswar ranked first, followed by Pune and Jaipur, ranked second and third.
In the next two years, the government will identify 40 and 38 cities respectively through another round of competitive choices.
This visit marks the next stage of urbanization in the country and will contribute greatly to its development.
The proposals of the top 20 cities clearly focus on what citizens want and the problems that prevail in most cities.
From the initial stage to implementation, a potential problem will dominate. -
What can citizens get from these smart cities?
The following deliverables are part of most proposals: 1.
Some cities have begun to develop or strengthen their public transport networks to encourage more people to patronize them, thereby reducing the use of private cars.
Emphasis will be placed on providing convenient public transport and enhancing mobility through the use of ICT. (
Information and Communication Technology)solutions.
Public transport will contribute to faster, easier and cheaper commuting, while the shift from private transport to public transport will help significantly alleviate congestion within cities.
Among the 20 selected cities, ICT solutions focusing on urban mobility include Puna, Jaipur, Surat, Dawanagar, Indorra, Bellagavi, Udabul and Chennai. 2.
Pedestrian Walking Priority-
Motor Traffic(NMT)
It is part of the Intelligent Plan for Puna, Belagawi, Udabul and Chennai, the first city in India to implement a non-motorized transport policy.
Broad sidewalks with fixed intervals of public seats facilitate the activities of different groups of people. -
Enablation will be provided. Car-
Free Sunday will provide streets for citizens to interact and participate in street activities. On-
Street parking lots will be managed and organized to improve the safety of pedestrian streets.
In addition, bicycle sharing and feeder systems will help citizens achieve a better last mile connection, which is a major obstacle to the successful operation of public transport.
In addition, bicycle use will be promoted from the public transport mode of commuting choice. 3.
The proposed intelligent parking management system for more parking spaces will help citizens find parking spaces easily or even in advance. -
Use the online payment option to reserve parking spaces. On-
Street parking management will be a reliable source of income for the city and can be used to further strengthen its public transport system. Managing on-
Street parking will reduce traffic congestion, increase the effective lane width of vehicles, reduce fuel consumption and pollution, and other benefits.
The cities that identified this proposal as the main winning proposals were Bubaneswar, Dawanagar, Indorra, Udabul, Guwahati and Chennai. 4.
Bhubaneshwar, Surat, Ahmedabad, Davanagere, Indore, Udaipur and Chennai have considered abolishing ITM and managing urban traffic through various ICT solutions.
Citizens can access the estimated travel time to their destination through their smartphones.
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) traffic signal priority and video surveillance will further ensure safety and prevent traffic violations. 5.
Resident security measures are another aspect of Copenhagenta, Kakinada, Udabul, Guwahati and Chennai.
The initiative to set up LED street lights will ensure the safety of pedestrians, as will video surveillance through a public control center. -
This will also help reduce traffic violations and ensure that-
Street parking management. 6. Hassle-
Other big initiatives for free municipal services are-
Governance means a single platform from which citizens can access details and use services.
Most importantly, this will enable citizens to participate in all aspects of urban operations, because data sharing or transparency between government and citizens will become a forum for citizens to accurately understand how cities operate.
Some intelligent solutions, such as integrated fare card, intelligent unified urban governance, "one city, one network" and geographic information system(
Geographic Information System)
Mapping and WI-
Bhubaneswar, Kochi, Ahmedabad, Visa Kapatanan, Dawanaguer, New Delhi City Council, Belagavi, Ludiana and Bopal all considered FI hot spots. 7.
Disaster management of natural disasters is almost impossible to prevent;
However, human intervention in preventive measures helps to minimize loss of life and property.
Coastal areas are often severely affected by hurricanes and floods, so cities like Chennai and Visacapatnam will focus on ICT. -
Technology based on disaster management, such as sensor, weather forecast, zero flood area, storm water management, etc. 8.
Green solid waste management through intelligent solutions for clean roads and healthy environments is seen as an important factor in these cities: Jaipur, Jabalpur, Indorra and Kakinada.
Recycling waste will produce renewable energy, ensure the safe disposal of solid waste, prevent soil and environmental pollution, and reduce resource consumption. 9.
Efficient infrastructure utilizing smart cities aims to maintain infrastructure with the best quality and 100% efficiency.
So far, the efficiency of urban public utilities in China has been an elusive factor due to the insufficient monitoring and response capacity.
Intelligent cities will strengthen power, sewage, rainwater drainage and water supply, and provide intelligent information and communication technology applications.
Citizens of Pune, Kochi, Solapur, NDMC, Kakinada and Belagavi will benefit from ICT. -
Support programs, such as zero-
Losses are monitored by smart meters, LED street lights, 24-hour uninterrupted water supply (increased through water sources), waste water recycling and sensors to detect sewer system leakage.
Puna is committed to providing health care and digital literacy training for low-income families, and Solapur is encouraging water conservation.
Chennai's goal is to use desalination plants and circulating water to create water sources for various uses. 10.
Maintaining green space All established smart cities are committed to developing more "lung space" in the city.
Intelligent components such as bicycles, street furniture, jogging runways and designated vendor spaces will enhance the aesthetics of the city.
Green space will acquire new dimensions, new soft and hard landscape will be equipped with WI-
FI hotspot provides an ideal area for citizens to relax, exercise and interact.
If these measures are effectively implemented, citizens will benefit greatly.
This is an integral part of the success of these proposals and will determine the success of the mission of the entire Smart City.
Failure to seriously consider this route may prove to be a major stumbling block.
Citizens can expect their urban authorities and relevant node agencies to effectively complete and implement the commitment proposals, engage them through the citizen participation process, and see their respective cities compete successfully with other cities in attracting investment.
The author is the national director. -
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