10 california cities saving money with led street lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-26
The Great Depression hit California hard.
The country is hit by the economy (
Part of it is caused by itself.
Real estate bubble)
It hasn\'t recovered from there yet.
The unemployment rate is 11.
3%, almost 3 percentage points higher than the national average.
When tax revenues plummeted, Sacramento and local governments cut jobs to break even.
Since June 2009, California has been one of only two states where unemployment has risen, with at least half of jobs lost in the public sector.
In the case of being forced to balance the budget, the city has several options, none of which is appealing: raising taxes or fees, cutting staff or services, or cutting expenses.
However, according to the last measure, cities in California realize that a fee is entirely within their control-their electricity bill.
Smart cities are replacing inefficient high
Sodium stress (HPS)or high-
The intensity of the light discharge street lamp-
LEDs or LEDs.
Sustainable City Network explains why: Seattle plans to convert street lights across the city by 2014, and it finds that switching to led has saved taxpayers money, the fall in prices has left the project well below budget-nearly $5 million in the latest round of installations.
\"Our new LED street lights have saved more than $300,000 a year, and with the latest round of installation, the cost savings are expected to increase to nearly $900,000 a year, MP Bruce Harrell told the Sustainable City Network.
Back in California.
I would like to emphasize here.
Each city on the list below is able to implement its LED transformation project through all or part of the funds provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
-Yes, tea party. and GOP-
Malicious stimulus.
California Energy Council (CEC)received $314.
Energy 5 million
Programs and rebates related to the stimulus bill (
See this brochure [PDF]for details).
One beneficiary of the Energy Saving block grant program (EECBG)
Has always been the lifeline of cash
Cities and counties in California are very nervous.
The project has provided more than $35 million in direct payments to small cities and counties in California to fund energy upgrades.
The Central Electoral Commission estimates that for every $1 increase in the amount of ARRA dollars invested in public sector building renovation, additional economic output of $3 will be generated.
What has American taxpayers paid off on this $35 million investment?
An estimated 2,375 jobs were created, 61.
2 million kilowatts-
Saving hours of electricity bills, local governments cut $9 million from annual utility bills.
Waste Stimulus? Hardly.
Here are 10 California cities turning to LED street lights to save money, improve safety and reduce carbon emissions: 1)
Brisbane: This seaside city in the south of San Francisco has just completed its second street light exchange-
When going out, replace 45 HPS street lights in the city pier parking lot with LED lights with half the energy.
The project is funded by an ARRA grant of $25,000.
Brisbane used low last year.
Loan interest, replace 372 HPS street lamps with led. 2)
Carpinteria: this Santa Barbara County city has replaced 199 hp, 138-
Bright 29-Watt Street Light-
LED lamps in Watt.
Funded by a $74,177 ARRA grant, the project will save the city $11,600 in energy costs and reduce 33 tons of carbon dioxide per year.
Carpinteria has replaced more than 90% of traditional street lights with led. 3)
Needle: This San Bernardino County has replaced 30 HPS lights with LEDs.
The transformation, funded by a $30,048 ARRA grant, will save $1,892 a year on needles, avoid energy costs and reduce carbon dioxide by nearly 11,000 pounds a year. 4)
Foster City: The city\'s lighting swap was completed in 2011-
Out replaced 260 HPS street lamps with a half-energy LED.
The transformation, funded by a $157,426 ARRA grant, will save the city of Foster taxpayers $17,600 in avoiding energy costs and $1,900 a year in avoiding maintenance costs. 5)
Lemoore: This King County city replaced 283 hp street lights with a brighter 39-
LED lamps in Watt.
The project, which was funded last year by a $136,469 ARRA grant, will save the city $6,240 in energy costs each year.
Lemoore replaced a quarter of traditional street lights with led. 6)
Marisville: this city, 12,000 kilometers north of Sacramento, has transformed 176 hp, 95-
Watt street lights-15% of the total-39-watt LEDs.
Funding comes from an ARRA grant of $69,000.
The project will save taxpayers $4,285 in energy costs each year. 7)
Yountville: Napa wine country, country of the world-
The famous French Laundry restaurant has replaced 110 HPS street lamps with LED lamps.
The project was completed in early 2011 with a $25,000 ARRA grant and a $200,473 lowinterest loan.
The transformation will save the city $21,060 a year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 44 tons a year. 8)
Ceres: The City of Stanislaw will cost nearly $1. 2 million low-
Interest loan to convert 2,200 hp and mercury vapor street lights to led.
The project will save Ceres $108,500 in energy spending each year, cutting 346 tons of carbon dioxide each year.
It takes 11 years to repay loans from energy savings alone. 9)
Burlingame: the city on the San Francisco Bay waterfront is finishing two jobs
Some lighting renovation.
The first part, funded by an ARRA grant of $150,010, replaced the HPS street lamps with LEDs and upgraded the lighting of fire stations, police stations, corporate yards, city garages and libraries save $29,000 a year in energy.
In the second part, Burlingame will replace 458,633 HPS street lamps with LEDs using a loan of $767.
With an energy savings of $57,500 a year alone, Burlingame can repay the loan in less than eight years. 10)
Kerman: this 13,500-person city in Fresno County will use a low price of $202,000
Interest loan and $72,075 ARRA grant to replace all 718 hp and metal-
Halogen lamps throughout the city.
The transformation will save Kerman $26,364 a year and pay off the loan in less than eight years.
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