Will solar street lights work abnormally under low temperature conditions?

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-09
Will solar street lights work abnormally under low temperature conditions?
At this moment, it is snowing in many places in the north. Regarding the use of solar street lights, some people may also ask whether the low temperature and faint sunlight in the winter in northern my country are caused by the limited solar heat that solar street lights can absorb. Isn't it normal? In fact, in winter, you can also rely on solar panels to absorb the sun to obtain heat, and convert the obtained heat into kinetic energy and store it in the battery pack itself. The normal conditions of led solar street lights in winter have not been reflected in any way. However, if it encounters snow, it will be reflected. It is especially like the northeastern region of my country. There is a lot of snow and air in winter. Once the solar panel is decorated with thick snowflakes, it will prevent the solar panel from absorbing the general light and cause the solar road light to have no surplus. The heat is converted into kinetic energy for street lights to illuminate. Therefore, in order for the solar street lights to be used as usual in winter, it is best to clean them up in the wild or with a machine when there is snow on the battery pack. In addition, when installing solar street lights, you must fully consider the meteorological environment in the field. If snow accumulates all year round, you must be serious. Solar street light manufacturers are also fully thinking about the process of development and manufacturing. With the continuous renovation and improvement of skills, All cities are not a problem.
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