Where is Litel Technology located?
Our company can be found in a handy place which not just leads to the lowest price per unit but also facilitates an orderly growth of Guangzhou Litel Technology Co.,Ltd.. Address of 18 watt solar led street light producer is affected by the kind of product material used, costs of distribution and production. Welcome customers to visit our company and plant.

For many years, Litel has been specializing in the production of high quality and customized best solar led street light and has become one of the famous company in the industry. Litel is mainly engaged in the business of solar street lighting system and other product series. In order to be more attractive, our Litel has also established a team with professional design experience in solar flood lights industry for years. It is perfectly encapsulated to prevent the invasion of dust and insects. Because of its flexibility, elasticity, resilience, and insulation, it is widely used in industrial, hygienic and medical applications. Its battery features fast charging and low discharge time.

In order to meet needs of customers, we also supplies the best service for customers except offered solar flood lights with high performance. Ask!
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