What problems do solar street lights always encounter when installing?

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-09
What problems do solar street lights always encounter when installing?
If there are other street lights next to the solar street light, the night falls and the next street light turns on, causing the solar panel of the solar street light to detect the light source and mistake it for the day. At this time, the controller will not let it turn on. There is a problem with the angle adjustment of the solar panel, which leads to low charging efficiency of the solar panel. The correct angle adjustment of the solar panel needs to follow a simple principle: let the sun shine directly on the solar panel, so that the charging efficiency is maximized. Solar street lights are used in different places. The angle of inclination of solar panels can be referred to the local latitude and latitude. The solar panels are tilted at different degrees. Therefore, for different latitudes and different roads, the solar panel angle of solar LED street lights can be used. Tuning is quite critical. According to many on-site understandings, some construction workers did not know the function and purpose of the remote control of the solar street light. In fact, it is possible that the parameters have been set incorrectly at this time, resulting in abnormal lighting. And Knight Lighting designed the remote control with 6 humanized working modes, which is simple and convenient, one-key switch, no need to worry about parameter setting errors, switch to which mode is needed.
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