What kind of places or situations can solar garden lights be used?

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-13
What kind of places or situations can solar garden lights be used?

During the day, the photovoltaic power generation is stored in the battery, and the battery at night provides power for the street lamp and plays a role in lighting. It has been widely recognized by the society for its advantages such as no need to lay cables, no conventional energy consumption, energy saving, environmental protection, and convenient installation.

The use of outdoor solar garden lights is an example in rural areas where power resources are scarce. Most rural power users are far away from the grid, and households live scattered. The construction cost of high-voltage power transmission is 100,000 to 130,000 yuan per kilometer, resulting in a very high cost of erecting power supply lines. high. The power supply from the power grid is mainly used to meet the needs of rural residents for life and production, the most important of which are lighting, small household appliances, and agricultural irrigation. For public facilities such as pavement lighting, with or without, with the maturity of solar photovoltaic power generation technology, the use of led solar garden lights in many places is regarded as the best way to solve the problem of rural power generation.
Also in the city, the lighting of public facilities on both sides of the road and the lighting of buildings are expensive, and they need to be paid every day. The emergence of this greatly eases the large expenditure of urban public facilities and energy consumption. High puzzle.
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