What are the characteristics of high-power LED street lights?

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-21
What are the characteristics of high-power LED street lights?

In terms of intelligent control system, it can automatically adjust the road lighting by sensing the environment of road traffic, light, sound, etc., and at the same time, it can also automatically report for repairs, which saves a lot of money for later municipal maintenance.

The use characteristics of high-power outdoor LED street lights are: die-casting integrated design, protection class IP65, impact resistance class ≥IK10, with independent power supply cavity and light source cavity, which can effectively solve the impact of heat on the driving power supply; two levels Lightning protection, effectively avoiding the damage of conducted lightning and induction lightning to the lamps. The level meter is external, and the LED street light can be installed to the horizontal position accurately when installing; the international standard NEMA terminal block is reserved, which can be used for various dimming control; the mounting bracket can meet the installation of 34~76mm light pole diameter. At the same time, the angle adjustment of ±15° can be carried out.

Compared with the modular street lamp, the appearance is more concise and reliable. At the same time, the shell also acts as a radiator, which can effectively reduce the cost of heat dissipation. It has strong market competitiveness and is highly recognized by customers.
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