What are the advantages of solar LED street lights

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-15
What are the advantages of solar LED street lights

   At present, there are more and more LED lights on the market. Let us understand the advantages of solar street lights that are popular in the market.

   1. The lights are on throughout the year, not afraid of rainy weather;

  2. The LED lamp is energy-saving and has high luminous efficiency. The unit W can generate a luminous flux of 80LM or even higher, with good color rendering, pure white light, all of which are visible light.

  3. It can be driven by DC. This is particularly important for solar energy, because the electricity generated by solar energy is also DC, which can save the cost and energy loss of the inverter.

  4. Solar LED street lights are powered by sunlight. They are charged during the day and used at night. There is no need for messy and expensive pipeline laying. The lighting plan can be adjusted freely. It is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free. It does not require manual operation.

  5. The system is composed of some solar battery components (including brackets), LED lamp holders, control boxes (with controllers and batteries inside) and some light poles.
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