What are main products to Litel Technology?
The main product of Guangzhou Litel Technology Co.,Ltd. is solar panel traffic lights . It's characterized by ISO9001. We always look for the best materials and components for this product. Because of our outstanding manufacturing ability, dependable QC testing processes, and adequate production capability, our firm might always guarantee perfect results and timely delivery to customers.

Through our high quality solar powered led flood light and ongoing assistance, Litel has stood out among providers in the industry. Litel is mainly engaged in the business of solar traffic lights and other product series. Thanks to the design of our professional team, the solar garden lights has been widely popular in this industry. Treated by die-casting, Its structure is robust and firm. One of our customers says: 'This product keeps my visitors playing the way they are meant to be safe and fun. I have gained high guest compliments from them.' Treated by die-casting, Its structure is robust and firm.

Ushering in the culture of decorative garden light helps Litel to step further. Get price!
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