What are applications of solar powered flood lights with on off switch produced by Litel Technology?
Solar powered flood lights is a product which has many fine qualities and has a large assortment of applications. Those developed by Guangzhou Litel Technology Co.,Ltd. has received lots of attention in the field because it reduces customer pain that no other company is solving. The product has important product features likely to lead to wide customer adoption.

Since its establishment, Litel has earned a reputation in the industry for manufacturing solar powered flood lights that performs reliably and consistently. Litel's main products include solar flood lights series. It is the experienced design team that our Knowledge are ingenious. Its lighting time is up to 16 hours after it's fully charged. Some customers said this product is worth the investment as it can make their life and bathroom a little more comfortable and clean. Treated by die-casting, Its structure is robust and firm.

Litel has always been driven to seek the sustainable development of company. Ask online!
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