What about the lead time of solar led garden light from placing an order to delivery?
The lead time of solar led garden light varies from customers. Different order quantity and production requirements will cause different production times. Even the efficiency of communication will cause differences in lead time. Are you interested in our products? Contact us, and we will have an experienced team to serve you. After fully understanding your requirements, we will then estimate the needed production time and give your specific lead time. No matter how the complexity of your project is, we promise to finish the production as efficiently and nicely as possible and deliver products to you within the estimated time.
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Guangzhou Litel Technology Co.,Ltd. is a solar garden path lights manufacturer. Our expertise and experience put us one step ahead in the market. The solar flood lights series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. solar lights is designed and manufactured according to best solar lights. Due to its battery technology, the product can continue to emit light for days even without any sunshine. The product helps add more food choice for people recipe. People who bought this product agree that they find a new way to change the simple fruits and vegetables into delicious and healthy snacks. It is perfectly encapsulated to prevent the invasion of dust and insects.
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In an effort to ensure compliance with ethical and legal standards we start with encouraging a culture of integrity. We establish, embed and enforce integrity standards across our company through our Code of Conduct.

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