whangarei switches to led street lights in $6.6m upgrade

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-27
It will become lighter around Whangarei --thanks to a $6.
6 million street lights upgrade 5000 community.
In order to reduce the cost and improve the quality of night lighting, street lamps throughout the area are being replaced with LED lamps.
Project manager Mark Seakins said that last year, the Council installed LED lights in Onerahi and Whangarei Heads, and the council received positive feedback on LED lights.
Now, the Commission has awarded the contract to launch 2800 LED lamps on local roads throughout the region.
The entire street light conversion project will be completed by the end of June, when all 5000 street lights on council roads will be LED.
The New Zealand transportation agency is funding 85 cents out of $6.
Project 6 million.
\"The project will reduce power and maintenance costs and provide better quality of light.
On the ground, the brightness of the lights should remain the same, and the whiter light should better illuminate the roads and sidewalks . \"
Once the LED light is installed, the council will investigate the light output to identify any dark areas that do not meet the lighting level and identify possible upgrades, he said.
The main road of Whangarei is part of the double Coast exploration highway and there are also new poles to improve the lighting level along the way.
These roads include Dr. Hart, Tarawa Road, Lower Tarawa Road, Walton Street, Mill Road, whitawa Road, kilipaca Road and Paramount parade.
Mr. Seakins said that additional lights would also be added to other main road intersections in Whangarei, but the contract for the work was still being worked out.
The new pole has no lights now.
Mr. Seakins said that the Commission was waiting for the LED fixtures of these poles to arrive in the country and was expected to be installed by the end of next month and by the end of April.
Recycle the old lights and store the old poles that are suitable for reuse, and the rest are recycled or sent to the landfill.
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