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waterloo opts against smart technology for city’s new led street lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-27
Waterloo politicians decided not to add smart technology to the LED street lights they planned to install throughout the city.
As part of the area-wide street light upgrade project, the city considered introducing narrow band technology at an additional cost of $1 during the conversion process. 2 million.
But city staff advise the city to abandon the technology to make it easy for staff to dim and control new LED street lights and possibly save money.
\"I\'m not spending money for money,\" said Cohn.
Jeff Henry said at the financial and strategic planning board on Monday.
The council unanimously adopted a staff report rejecting smart technology.
The staff said an extra $1.
The 2 million required for smart technology is not budgeted and may incur additional costs and may even delay the street light conversion project.
\"It seems like it\'s a violation of intuition to not do something innovative,\" says Coun . \". Diane Freeman.
But she told the city staff that she understood why they are now abandoning smart technology.
\"I really appreciate the depth of this report,\" she added . \".
Another reason the city staff gave the commission was that technology was changing rapidly, a move that was \"too early \".
\"Kitchener council has agreed to install smart technology in their street lights.
It is also possible to monitor snow levels and waste management.
Mayor Dave Jaworsky said there are many opportunities as technology changes rapidly.
\"It is possible to work with one of the startups,\" he noted . \".
Waterloo will replace more than 8,000 street lamps in the city by 2019.
The whole project will cost $3.
5 million, a expenses accounted for in the city\'s budget.
City workers estimate that there is no smart technology renovation project, which will save about $420,000 in electricity bills once the renovation is completed.
The Waterloo area and local municipalities are changing the existing high.
In the next few years, LED street lamp pressure sodium lamp.
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