surrey approves city-wide upgrade to led street lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-27
Vancouver Metro
The City of Surrey said Tuesday that Surrey will be one of the first cities in Canada to start completely converting street lights to LED lights.
The council adopted five resolutions
On Monday night, the annual implementation plan for replacing 28,000 existing street lights with LED road lighting technology.
The first phase of the plan will convert 7,100 street lamps into LED lighting in Gilford and downtown.
\"For drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, LED lights will increase visibility and safety,\" Mayor Linda Hepner said in a statement . \".
\"LED lights also consume less power than the current sodium lamps, which will save the city a lot of cost once the conversion is completed.
\"LED lights make it easier for road users to see pedestrians and signs compared to sodium lamps, and the lighting quality of LED also reduces eye fatigue, the city said in a press release.
\"LED lights are more eco-friendly because they consume less power and last four times as long as sodium lamps,\" added Mike Starchuk, chairman of the environmental sustainability advisory committee . \".
The city said the $11 million reform would save about $1 million a year in electricity consumption and maintenance costs.
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