Solar street lights use more energy saving and improve lighting efficiency

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-11
Solar street lights use more energy saving and improve lighting efficiency
What society now advocates is the recycling and efficient operation of resources. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, energy conservation, environmental protection, and low carbon are now the focus of growth. With the continuous efforts of the society, we will jointly promote a conservation Type society. Compared with traditional street lights, the power consumption of solar street lights is only 10% of ordinary street lights when the brightness is the same. Therefore, solar street lights alleviate the problem of resource shortage and reduce the threat to the environment caused by mineral resources. . LED solar street light is a lighting device that uses solar energy, a new type of energy, to convert light energy into electrical energy, and uses LED light source to make its operating efficiency reach 170 watts, and the improved solar street light is equipped with transmittance More than 93% of the street lamp lens, the operation of this optical material can make the road lighting reach a sufficient average illuminance. In addition, solar street lights can also freely adjust the luminosity, which will not adversely affect the color and clarity of the light after adjustment. The automatic control function makes solar street lights use more energy-saving and improve lighting efficiency.
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