Solar street lights illuminate the night with 'sunlight'

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-06
Solar street lights illuminate the night with 'sunlight'

   In the past, Jiangsu Naite Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. was engaged in the production and design of solar street lamps and high-pole lamps. It has 20 years of solar street lamp production experience and builds the most professional solar street lamp manufacturer. Contact number: 13805257308. At night, there are no lighting facilities on the street, and the light from the stars is like a lamp, illuminating the way forward for people who travel. At the moment at night, all kinds of lights linger, and it is no longer the night to put the Buddha in the night, and the fire trees and silver flowers everywhere are like the day. Of course, the lights here are not from the stars in the sky, but from the street lights on both sides of the road.

   Nowadays, solar energy has become a recognized clean and green energy, and it is gradually applied to people's livelihood to benefit mankind. When we were young, we often saw this sentence in textbooks: 'Our food, clothing, shelter, and transportation are inseparable from the sun, and the sun gives us light and heat.' This is indeed the case. The sun has given people many tools, and at the same time, people are constantly developing and operating the sun. Many devices that exist because of the sun include solar water heaters, solar power stations, solar pumps, solar street lights, and so on. Today we are introducing the most widely used solar street lights.

  Solar street light, as the name implies, is composed of solar energy and lights. More precisely, it should be composed of three major system components: battery panels, batteries, and controllers. In contrast, the system composition of solar street lights is much more complicated. The main light sources used in solar street lights are LED, DC energy-saving lamps, DC gas discharge lamps and electrodeless lamps.

   Previously, taking the western power resource-poor regions as an example, most rural power users are far away from the grid, and households live separately, and the construction cost of high-voltage power transmission is 100,000 to 130,000 yuan per kilometer, resulting in high costs for erecting power supply lines. The power supply from the power grid is mainly used to meet the needs of rural residents for subsistence and production of electricity, the most important of which are lighting, small household appliances, and agricultural irrigation. For public facilities such as road lighting, whether or not, with the maturity of solar photovoltaic power generation technology, solar photovoltaic power generation in many places is regarded as the best way to solve the problem of rural power generation.

The    solar street light system relies on daylight to irradiate solar panels to generate electrical energy, and the generated electrical energy is delivered to the storage battery for storage. At night, when the illuminance drops to a certain degree or reaches a certain moment, the battery is controlled by the controller to discharge the light source electrical appliances. When the illuminance rises to a certain level or at a certain moment, the electricity is automatically blocked. It is widely recognized by society for its advantages such as no need to lay cables, no consumption of conventional energy, energy saving, environmental protection, and ease of installation.

   Regarding the prospect of solar street lights in the future, from the perspective of economic benefits, based on the calculation of 4m street lights and 8m street lights, after using solar street lights, 4m street lights and 8m street lights save about 2190 kWh of electricity each year and save 1,533 yuan in electricity bills. It still has a good income space; from the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection, its electricity comes from photovoltaic power generation, without consuming traditional energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, and pollution-free.
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