Solar street lights have transitioned from the budding period to the lasting

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-08
Solar street lights have transitioned from the budding stage to the lasting
The growth of any wealth must be in the bud, lasting, mature and stable on schedule, even in the solar street light industry. But judging from the current growth of solar street lights in my country, solar products have transitioned from the budding period to the lasting. The difference between the long-lasting period and the mature period is: the rapid growth and long-lasting in the industry, as the market contributes a huge amount of 'period length' every year, the growth of solar street light manufacturers depends on the 'period' to maintain growth. Therefore, the gap between solar street light manufacturers The competition indicates that it is 'grabbing land' and has not yet reached the level of 'fighting'; and in the mature period of the industry, due to the long and weak industry, the outdoor solar street lamp market no longer contributes to the 'realmIf you don’t want to grab the “stock”, the increase in sales of a certain company will inevitably mean the decline in sales of other companies. When an industry enters the stage of huge 'dinosaur' rule, the deepening of wealth has reached the final stage, the discovery and creation speed of the entire industry has been reduced to a lower level, and the industry growth rate has also stabilized. The wealth of solar street lights in my country still has a way to go before this stage. There is still a process from growth to maturity, during which all companies have a lot of room for growth. In this period of time, everyone is likely to stand out, and the number of manufacturers of solar street lights and solar garden lights is gradually increasing!
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