Solar street light manufacturers can't pursue the maximization of profits, opportunistic

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-11
Solar street lamp manufacturers can't pursue the maximization of profits, opportunistic
Regardless of the industry, in the face of interests and conscience, those who violate morality and only seek profit, even in the solar street light industry are the same. In order to maximize profits, some bad solar street light manufacturers have taken tricks, and some have even reached the point of unscrupulous measures. The use of inferior materials to manufacture the storage and control system, coupled with substandard technology, has led to the explosion of solar street lights. Some even steal the beam and change the post, directly install sand and gravel in the battery to pretend to be the battery, and paste the printing paper on the glass to serve as the photovoltaic Phenomena such as board sales also occur from time to time. These phenomena are only because some solar street lamp manufacturers have only one profit in the eyes. The practices of these bad solar street light manufacturers not only fail to take into account the needs of customers, they have already threatened people's safety, but also caused the masters to worry about the entire industry. However, such solar street light manufacturers are destined not to grow for a long time, and will eventually pay for their lack of morality and conscience. As a company, there is nothing wrong with pursuing profit in order to grow in demand, but if it is a way of making profits with ignorance of conscience, then it is tantamount to digging its own grave. Naite Lighting, a powerful manufacturer of China’s new generation of solar street lights, as a responsible public company, the company upholds the unsightly core value of 'Quality makes the company, integrity creates the futureA foothold, determined to establish an industry brand model, and help the healthy and sustainable growth of China's solar lighting industry!
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