Solar led street lights greatly reduce the cost of support and ensure safe use

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-17
Solar led street lights greatly reduce the cost of support and ensure safe use
In order to better adapt to various harsh environments, minimize the cost of support and ensure the safety of use, the solar led street lights produced by Knight Lighting pay attention to the ease of installation. On the one hand, because solar energy belongs to non-powered lighting, it avoids the construction of line laying in the installation of lamps and lanterns, and reduces the cost of support. The way of non-powered lighting also skips the high cost incurred by the city power supply from the source, saving a lot of urban construction investment. On the other hand, LED solar street lights do not need high-voltage power supply, and the peak voltage is within the safety standard. There is no danger during the lighting process. It is a technology and environmental protection street lamp with zero hidden dangers, which reduces the risk of urban construction work and facilitates urban construction work in various regions Orderly proceed in an environment of 'high safety, low investment, simple engineering, and long-term growth'. At present, solar led street lights have reached an average life span of more than 50,000 hours. The new solar street lights have a life span far exceeding that of high-pressure sodium lights. Once completed, they do not require any maintenance and can save 60% to 65% of electricity. It also solves the problem of the inability to install street lights in special areas, and has become a special street light for new rural construction with high performance, high safety, and high environmental protection.
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