Solar LED street light installation height and distance requirements

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-17
Solar LED street light installation height and distance requirements
Many places generally like solar led street lights with a height of 6 meters, especially on the roads of new rural construction with a width of about 7 meters. In the night environment, the rural roads have low pedestrian cross flow and low traffic flow. Generally, one-way interactive light distribution is used for installation to ensure that the installation distance is about 20×25 meters. Less than 20 meters will affect part of the lighting. In addition, one more street light should be installed on the street corner to avoid the phenomenon of blind lighting. If you want to install solar street lights with a height of 7 meters, you must ensure that the distance between the street lights is 25 meters and 30 meters. The distance between the two solar street lights should be installed by the cross light distribution on both sides. This method is mainly used when the road lighting width is 10×15 meters. It is generally recommended that the longitudinal distance of solar led street lights is 30m/50m, the two sides should be symmetrically distributed, and the road lighting width should be greater than 15m. As long as the illuminance value is reached according to the requirements, there is no hard requirement. The 60-watt split solar street light is a good choice. If you need to choose a 30-watt integrated solar street light, its distance can reach 30 meters.
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