over 21 lakh led street lights installed across india

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-26
New Delhi [India], April 28 (ANI)
: The government replaced 21 lakh traditional street lamps with LEDs (LED)
All over the country on Friday according to the national plan of street lamps (SLNP). The newly-
The installed lights make the streets brighter and the residents and drivers feel safer.
Energy efficiency Service Co. , Ltd. , a public energy service company managed by the Indian government\'s Ministry of Electricity (GoI)
It is the executive body of SLNP.
The installation of LED street lamps saves 0. 295 billion kilowatt hours of energy per year, avoiding the capacity of more than 73 megawatts and reducing by 2 KW hours.
3 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.
The project has been implemented in 23 states and Alliance regions.
After the replacement, the lighting level on the road was significantly improved.
EESL is also in the process of implementing a special heritage lighting project, in which 1000 LED street lamps are installed in the Kashgar area of Uttar Pradesh, and another 4000 lamps are being installed.
LED street lamp purchase price has been lowered from Rs. 135/watt to Rs.
Due to the large purchase of lights, 80 watts.
EESL has made a full upfront investment in the installation of street lights and does not require additional budget allocations from municipalities.
Municipalities pay EESL from the energy and maintenance costs saved over seven years, making the LED lights affordable and usable.
After the project is completed, EESL also conducts social audits in all states.
EESL purchases comply with BIS specifications and provide a seven-year warranty for technical defects.
The EESL conducts appropriate quality checks from the bidding stage to the site.
This resulted in the overall technical failure of the led in less than 1% of the 21 lakh lights installed in the country by EESL.
EESL maintains 95% of the normal running time for all street lights throughout the country.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a national plan for 100 cities in January 5, 2015 to convert traditional street lights and family lights with energy-efficient LED lights.
According to the National street lamp program (SLNP)
The government\'s goal is to replace
34 crore traditional street lights with energy-saving LED lights. (ANI)
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