Obstacles to the promotion of solar led street lights

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-16
Obstacles to the promotion of solar led street lights
But the countries and state agencies or government units on the earth, we feel very good and very useful.
Good quality and good price are the main reasons for the decrease. Solar led street lights are improving.
As long as the word can make more and more people, let users trust, the current hindering price, see that many people will not think about the various advantages of led solar street lights after a long time,, street lights The price occupies an absolute advantage. It is also a 20-watt light source. They still consider the issue of money. Although this lamp has many advantages, they decisively choose general street lamps.
The price for a set of common 6-meter-high ordinary street lamps is also 600 yuan.
The first thing to do to speed up development and progress is the quality of our products.
The demand for solar led street lights in the construction of new rural areas is also large in the country, and a set of solar led street lights is quoted at least 1600 yuan for mercy. The common people know that the rural construction has restarted, and the solar led street lights are a new type of energy saving. Environmentally friendly products, but there is still a long way to go before they are thoroughly promoted.
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