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by:Litel Technology     2019-08-26
Nagpur: there are more irregularities in the LED street lamp project of Nagpur Municipal company.
The project was launched two years ago and civic groups claim that it will be implemented without any cost, based entirely on the energy saving return system.
However, a copy of the work order and agreement shows that NMC will pay up to Rs 336 to private company JK Solutions within 16 years.
This amount is more than four times the amount invested by private companies.
There are a number of other points that suggest that this is only more beneficial for private companies and that nothing is going to go into the cash range --
In addition to the Energy Saving statement, the NMC is tied.
NMC has repeatedly claimed that private companies will invest in the installation of LED street lights and ensure that they operate and maintain them for 16 years.
NMC will pay the company the cost of saving energy.
Citing the model, NMC reached an agreement with JK Solutions in May 16, 2014 to replace the existing 26,712 sodium vapor
Street lamps based on LED street lamps, operating and maintaining for 13 years within 18 months after the release of the work order, can be extended for 3 years.
The private company will invest only Rs 80 crore in LED lighting, according to The rrrr document.
The NMC will pay for the replacement of existing lampposts, cables, etc. , which are about 43 rupees. 41 crore.
The NMC will pay an additional RS 3.
Each feeder panel 25 lakh is used to set up a dimming system in a street lamp.
About 37 rupees.
37 crore of 1,150 feeder panels.
In addition, the NMC will pay 16 years for the operation and maintenance of 26,712 street lamps.
The final price is 66 rupees per street light/month.
This ratio is 10% higher than the estimated cost.
It is shocking that the NMC has agreed to increase its growth rate by 12% per year over 16 years.
This seems to be only 5-more than the consumer price index and wholesale price index-6% every year.
As a result, NMC will eventually pay around Rs 90.
14 crore for 16 years of operation and maintenance.
If an energy-saving return system is calculated, NMC will pay Rs 165 to private companies in 16 years.
financial expert who did not want to be named told TOI that if the NMC provided contracts to private companies, the model could be transparent and required it to invest in all aspects of the project, and pay according to the energy saved.
The expert added that if the agreement was executed on the basis of deferred payment, the civic institution should repay the amount invested by the private company with an interest rate of return.
The model is implemented in two water treatment projects.
In violation of the agreement, NMC will provide hydraulic vehicles to private companies in the past year.
Under the agreement, private companies must arrange their own vehicles within 180 days of the dispatch of the work order.
NMC has agreed to provide 4-
Wheeler that loads the hydraulic machine at a speed of RS 2,150 per day, which is the cost of an Air
conditional taxi
In the work order, the NMC made it clear that private companies must start the project from the Mangalwari zone, followed by the remaining nine districts.
The district office submitted a list of eight roads but did not adopt them until today.
The project began in the area of daranperth.
An NMC official in the electrical sector denied any help to private companies in the agreement.
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