modern led street lights which are cheaper to run and have lower emissions \'damage people\'s eyesight and dazzle motorists\'

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-28
report warns that modern street lights can keep people awake at night and damage their eyesight.
Thousands of street lights have been replaced by led with lower operating costs and lower emissions.
But public health in BritainPHE)
Lights that say \"uncomfortable\" can lead to long periods of time
The long-term damage to people\'s eyesight has caused them to face health problems similar to \"permanent jet lag.
It also warned that new cars are increasingly using LED lights, which could dazzle the coming drivers, especially the elderly.
The annual report of the chief medical officer says dozens of committees are replacing Mercury and sodium street lamps with LED alternatives.
Parliament says it has reduced its energy use by up to 40.
Kent council is installing 118,000 LED street lights, 68,000 in Leicester, 56,000 in Manchester and 55,000 in Gloucester.
The report warns that if the switch is purely driven by \"energy efficiency and cost\", it may result in an installation that \"may not be suitable for the purpose.
While most artificial lights have ways to protect people from strong light, some LED devices do not.
The report said: \"The LED light source of some street lamp lamps can see physical projections under the lamps, become glare or light pollution.
Blue may enrich the spectrum, which may help keep the driver alert, but many will find the light uncomfortable.
High levels of blue light are known to cause damage to the retina of the eye.
Phe suggested that the local government should limit the impact of LED street lights.
It said: \"It is possible to have LED street lights only direct the light to areas that need lighting, thus minimizing the light in the sky.
They can also be provided in a certain color temperature range, where warm colors may be more suitable for densely populated areas.
spokesman for the Local Government Association said: \"The Municipal Council has turned to LED street lamps to help the environment and manage financial pressure while ensuring that street lamps are maintained.
It added: \"The destruction of the circadian system [sleep cycle]
It can have a significant impact on sleep quality and daytime alertness, which in turn affects health and safety.
It\'s a bit like a permanent jet lag.
The British Public Health Association said the concern was echoed in the United States, and a report from the American Medical Association warned that the blue light emitted by LEDs would affect the rhythm of sleep, resulting in \"impaired daytime function\" and obesity.
The AMA report calls for the lowest use of cities-
It warns that intensity LEDs may make them better to reduce glare, which can also hurt wildlife.
Led street light fixtures have been carefully designed to guide them only to areas where lighting is needed to make the most of the light they produce, which in itself is a way to reduce energy consumption and related emissions.
Both natural and artificial light can damage the eyes.
It is best to avoid looking directly at any light source at any time.
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