manila installs more led street lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-26
MANILA, Philippines-
Another 50 solar-
On Monday night, the government of Manila installed LED street lights on Antipolo Street, all the way to Rotonda, Spain.
Mayor Joseph Estrada said the street lights were installed on Monday night as part of 10,000 units donated by global gold target(GGGI)
After the signing of the memorandum of agreement on September 2013.
Esterada says 10 solar energy
Last month, Rajah Soliman square on Roxas Avenue initially installed LED street lights that lit up the area brightly.
He said the city government intends to complete the installation of 10,000 solar cells.
During the year, street lights in six districts of the city powered.
He said that it is expected that the city will save at least P18 million per month for street lamp bills, that is, P400 million per year.
The mayor said that the money saved by paying the city street lamp bill will be used to support projects that are beneficial to the city\'s residents.
Estrada said that after gg worked with GGGI, a total of 11,900 street lamp posts needed to be replaced.
He said that under the agreement, the city will not assume any financial obligations in terms of unit costs, shipments, installation and utilization of technology and the tools to be used.
The mayor said that CCTV cameras and LED digital signboards will also be installed on the new lampposts.
He added that the cost per unit of the LED digital signboard is P200, 000 and the basic span is 50 years.
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