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Litel Technology

Litel Technology

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Valved-regulated Lead-acid battery for solar system
ABS(Container Material)
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Product Information of Litel Technology
Product Advantage
  • Maintenance Free: Manufactured with thick absorbent glass mat (AGM) separators and advanced valve regulated technology, Deep Cycle AGM Batteries save you from acid leakage and frequent maintenance
  • Excellent Discharge Performance: Proprietary quinary alloy plates and specially treated plate grids enable low internal resistance and high discharge currents of up to 10 times the battery rated capacity
  • Long Shelf Life: Made of high purity materials, Deep Cycle AGM Batteries reduce the monthly self-discharge rate below 3% at 77℉ (25℃), which is 5 times lower than their flooded counterparts
  • Wide Operation Temperature Range: Improved electrolyte formula ensures stable battery capacity and outstanding discharge performance at low temperatures below 32℉ (0℃)
  • NOTE: We highly recommend installing the battery upright. It is allowed to install the battery on its side only if there are special reasons for doing so. DO NOT install the battery upside down.
Company Advantages
1. The quality of Litel Technology is guaranteed. It is sent to the designated testing acceptance center for phone accessories to check its overall quality. Its integrated body offers easy installation, thus, it helps to save much time
2. The product has improved its reputation and created a good public image over the years. The product is certified under CE, ROHS, FCC, EMC, and LVD
3. The product features low washing defects. During the washing stage, washing faults have been controlled at a minimal level, with less occurrence of discoloration, washing marks, or poor hand feel. Its durable and stable battery provides a strong backup for illumination during the nights
4. The product is hard-wearing. The highly wearing resistant materials enable it to endure daily friction or harsh wearing conditions. It has been exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and Africa

Litel Technology-1

Sealed Deep cycle VRLA Gel Storage Batteries were specifically designed for solar energy storage applications. Leak-proof, spill-proof and ultimately maintenance free, it's AGM line is the ideal candidate for a battery meeting high quality performance. Whether it's for daily use or backup power, this AGM battery is right for you.


Sealed construction and complete maintenance free, and no need to replenish water. No leakage and battery explosion under normal working condition.

1. Total environment-friendly. More than twenty years marketing history.

2. High capacity. Up to 110% of the rated capacity

3. Long service life: 6G series up to 5-8 years, GFM series up to 15 years

4. Outstanding leak tightness, up to 99.99%

5. Operating temperature range: -40~+65C

6. Small internal resistance and good currant discharge. Fully charged battery to discharge 2CA for 5 minutes or 10CA in 5 seconds, no fuse of conductive parts and deformation

7.   Low self-discharge. Remain 70% capacity after 12 months storage in normal temperature

8.   Outstanding currant charging acceptance ability

9.   Outstanding anti over-charged performance. Fully charged battery to charge 48 hours in 0.1CA under 25C, no leakage and explosion, with normal pressure and up to 95% capacity

10.  Small voltage difference between batteries within 0.04V

Litel Technology-2

Litel Technology-3

Model No.Voltage(V)






Product Size(mm)


Approx Weight


LWHTotal Height
6FM10012100 5.032717221121528.60

Product details

Cutway Duagram

Litel Technology-4

Litel Technology-5

Cast gridSpecial grid design

Severe vibration resistance and improved conductivity

Active material

Proprietary formulation

Reduced shedding,maximum utilization and long service life

Pasted plates

Specified thickness and weight

Ensures vibration resistance through precise compression and proper 

service life through specified active material balance

Dried-charged plates

Tank formed & dried plates

Properly dried plates in a sealed battery have a virtually limitless shelf-life

Top lead connections

Through-partition construction; large straps

Shorter current path for increased electrical conductivity and higher 

starting currents, heavier parts for maximun durability

Case-cover seal

Thermal bonded plastic

Air tight seal to prevent air ingress and acid seepage

Terminal-cover seal

Patented poly-seal terminal

Eliminates acid seepage,reduces corrosion and extends battery life


AGM(absorbed glass mat)

High puncture resistant separator for increased service in high vibration 


Top lead alloy

Calcium alloy

Increased weld strength and severe vibration resistance

Vent system

Valve and flame arrestor

Valve relieves excess pressure to prevent bursting,flame arrestor prevents internal combustion

Litel Technology-6

Litel Technology-7

Litel Technology-8

Litel Technology-9

  • Solar and wind energy storage system 

  • EPS and UPS battery backup 

  • Signal system , emergency lighting system , security system

  • Telecommunication Equipment

  • Power source for portable devices or tools

Litel Technology-10

Litel Technology-11

Company Features
1. Guangzhou Litel Technology Co.,Ltd. strengthens own advantages continually in the developing and manufacturing of . We have become an expert in this industry. The demand for product quality and service in Guangzhou Litel Technology Co.,Ltd. is almost extreme.
2. With advanced production equipment, Guangzhou Litel Technology Co.,Ltd. yields large output of for customers every year.
3. Our company is equipped with a group of technical engineers who are able to handle the most challenging product projects. They have been well-trained and have taken part in many collaborative product development projects with other technicians in other companies. is outlined in Guangzhou Litel Technology Co.,Ltd.'s corporate mission. Please contact us!
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