going green with led street lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-27
For most people, orange-
Yellow light obscures the night sky in urban areas, which is the most obvious disadvantage of high-altitude operations. -
Pressure sodium salts and metal halides-
More common is your garden variety. -street lights.
But officials in charge of street lights in Natick and Wellesley saw something else: less efficient, less efficient and more expensive equipment than the new generation. -
Light emitting diodes.
There are only a few communities, such as Los Angeles, San Jose and California.
Anchorage and Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Committed to large-scale new technologies.
In Greater Boston, Natick and Wellesley are at the forefront of the movement to get rid of high income. -
Sodium pressure lamp and metal halide lamp are converted into LED lamp by switch.
Bill Chenard, Business Manager of Natick\'s Public Works Department, said: \"These things make sense in terms of green standards and budgetary standards. \"
In the next month, Natick will install 20 LED street lights in the city center.
If they are as smart as before-
Style lights, the town will begin to gradually replace its 2600 street lights.
Although the initial cost is much higher than that of traditional street lamps, officials in both towns say the conversion can be achieved within five years or less by saving energy and reducing manpower. -
Active sodium and metal halide lamps.
After that, save-
Energy costs alone range from 42% to 52%. -
Go straight to the bottom line of the city government.
For Natick, the budget for street lighting in this fiscal year is $226,500, which means that in addition to reducing the cost of sending workers to replace bulbs, it will save $100,000 a year in energy.
According to Chernard, the life of LED street lamps is five to nine times longer than that of standard lamps.
All this is good news for advocates of reducing light pollution, just like the international dark forces. -
Sky Society.
Founded in Arizona in 1988, the organization promotes laws and local decrees to reduce light pollution, such as requiring the use of shielded lights.
The organization also issued a stamp of approval for lighting equipment to reduce light pollution.
Both towns groped in the darkness. -Sky-
Approved street lights.
Officials in the two towns said that previous LED street lights did not reach the level of traditional street lights, but the latest wave of street lights produced by well-known companies like Silvania ensured better lighting than the old ones. -
School street lights.
\"Early LED-
\"This technology hasn\'t been developed yet,\" said Donald Newell, director of the Wellesley Municipal Lighting Plant.
He said the town had been testing LED lights for the past few years, but nothing surprised officials. -
Expand investment until now.
\"In the past six months to a year, big companies have entered the market. . . .
He said the new lamps were much better.
Wellesley will be replaced by an LED, but smaller than Natick, and 500 lights will be replaced in the city centre.
In the next two weeks, the town is expected to receive bids from two lighting manufacturers.
Newell said that in busy areas of Washington and Central Street, the process of changing lights will continue for several years to reduce the cost of LED lights, which is 20 to 30 times more expensive than the metal halide lamps they will replace.
But Newell says he believes the new lights are a big step forward.
\"They live longer and have better light,\" Newell said.
\"These lights are actually aimed downward from the top of the lamp, which makes it easier to guide the pattern on the LED. ’’High-
Intensity LED lights use hundreds of tightly aligned diodes that can focus in a particular direction and only illuminate the area to be illuminated.
The diffuse light generated by traditional lamps means that the beam is sent in a wide arc, illuminating the neighbor\'s yard, nearby windows, atmosphere and target area.
Compared with other types of lighting, LED uses much less electricity.
Newell said that compared with 210 existing LEDs, they are 40 watts. -watt units.
When electricity consumption decreases, the amount of coal burned to provide electricity decreases, and the amount of coal burned means less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Los Angeles recently started five years ago-
It was proposed that all its street lights be replaced by LED in 2000.
Officials estimate that the city will save 10 million dollars a year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 450,000 tons a year.
Earlier this year, San Jose received about $2 million in federal stimulus money to convert 1,500 of its 62,000 street lamps into LED lights.
In August 2008, Anchorage approved $2.
Two million people are trying to change 16,000 peaks-
Press sodium street lamp to LED.
Ann Arbor received a grant of $930,000 for the renovation of the city. -
With street lights, or 1800 of 7000 lamps, about 700 have been replaced in the past two years.
Andrew Brix, energy project manager in Ann Arbor, said: \"It\'s almost the same positive result. \"
He said that LEDs usually emit better light than their predecessors and last at least five times as long, saving the city money.
Ann Arbor is negotiating with utilities that own the city\'s remaining street lights to fully meet demand. -
Scale conversion.
\"We\'re still exploring a lot of opportunities,\" Brix said.
To some extent, he said, the city will have a computer system that allows it to control the brightness of individual street lights, depending on the time of the day or any emergencies.
Chernard said that the promotion of LED in Natick was led by Martha White, the town administrator, who had been \"actively\" urging employees in the town to explore green alternatives to reduce costs and improve the environment.
If the pilot program succeeds, Chernard said, the town will seek grants to fund the transition.
Success will be measured by the amount of lighting needed for public safety, although Chernard said he was optimistic.
\"All the research we have done and all the information we have received show that they have better light quality and save a lot of cost.
\"Megan McKee can be contacted in Megan. mckee@gmail.
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