Glare control and induction of solar street lights

by:Litel Technology     2021-11-14
Glare control and induction of solar street lights
How important is the glare control of solar street lights? In the visual range, when the brightness of any object is higher than the adaptability of the human eye, glare will occur. According to the severity, it is divided into uncomfortable glare and energy loss glare. For unsightly lighting, glare is not useless, and glare within a certain range helps to create a lively atmosphere. But for the solar street lights used on the road, especially for drivers on the road, the glare of the led solar street lights is a fatal factor, and it is the number one killer of night traffic disturbances. Therefore, the glare control of illuminated solar street lights must be adapted to local conditions, and the pedestrian space can be appropriately relaxed, but the roadway must be strictly controlled. From the perspective of unsightly view, good inductiveness means balance, rhythm and grace. However, solar street lights in domestic cities often have many types, shapes and colors on the same road, and the lamps are highly inconsistent, which greatly reduces the inducibility. The occurrence of induction lies in uniform and regular changes. During the day, the uniform shape and color of street lamps extend equidistantly along a certain target; at night, lamps of the same height are regularly installed, which is a road of inevitable curvature. Can strengthen the inducement of street lights.
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