city urged to probe potential led street lights risk

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-27
Councillor Stephen Holliday insisted that Toronto must assess any health problems that may result from the new LED street light and then continue to implement a broad plan to install the technology throughout the city.
Holyday called on the council to ensure that city officials meet with delegates from Toronto Public Health and Toronto Hydro to deal with the impact of LED lighting.
He has submitted a notice of motion to this week\'s council meeting.
As the Toronto Sun reported last week, the American Medical Association (AMA)
I would recommend not using cool, blue LED street lights as they will make it harder for drivers to see and interfere with the sleep of nearby residents as well.
Toronto Hydro has installed 150 LED lights on six streets, with color temperature related (CCT)
4,000 Kelvin-
Beyond the range recommended by AMA, AMA supports more yellow, warmer light.
Holyday said he wanted to hear from city health officials on the issue, as much of the City Hall\'s earlier discussions about LED street lights focused on energy and cost savings.
\"I just want to make sure that we \'ve got all the right experts looking at this,\" Hollyday said . \" He has been contacted by a member who cares about lighting.
In 2015, the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee requested a report on lighting technology.
\"I think people need to understand that changing street lights is not like buying after-sales service at your hardware store.
\"Market light bulb, screw it in,\" said Hollyday . \".
\"This is a more complex process, a process of design . . . . . . It is therefore a major investment.
\"I think we need to ask these questions before we make any decisions about investment.
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