calgary\'s new led street lights won\'t shine too bright, councillor assures

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-27
member of the city council said he was confident that Calgary\'s new LED street lights would not trigger complaints like similar switches. -
Last year in Les Bridge.
Energy-saving street lamps entering Calgaris have begun to replace the existing high-
Pressurized sodium(HPS)
Street lamps with new energy-saving lamps are available in Altadore.
Next will be indouglasdale, marlborough, Tuxedo Park and brentwood.
City spokesman Darwin Jul said many residents were unhappy after Lesbridge installed new lights.
\"People have been complaining that it\'s daybreak and that they can read in the bedroom window at night.
But when we measure it, it\'s actually darker, or the same brightness as the old HPS lights, \"he said.
\"Usually, it\'s hard for anyone to change.
But when you change the color of the lamp, it basically changes from a beautiful amber color to a brighter, bluer light.
One of the complaints, Ken Kellert, said he found the new lights too dazzling.
\"Basically, the streets are as bright as stadiums,\" he said.
\"We ended up putting color windows in. ”But Coun.
Shane Keating, chairman of the Calgary Transport Commission, said that the LED lights installed in Calgary were different from those used by Lesbridge.
\"You can partition the light according to its illumination.
He said: \"You can change the LED technology according to the situation, so that you can get more candle energy or less candle energy. \"
\"If it glows in someone\'s backyard and window, you should be able to use new technology and new fixtures to make the pillars and lights in the same place, but it glows less in the backyard.
Keating said the city will track any complaints through 311.
The City estimates that the new lighting will reduce electricity consumption by about 55%.
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