world environment day 2019 uk: theme, history and 5 ways you can help beat air pollution - solar panel traffic lights

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world environment day 2019 uk: theme, history and 5 ways you can help beat air pollution  -  solar panel traffic lights
2019 World Environment Day is coming, a global UN campaign aimed at raising awareness of climate change and environmental issues.
As people are encouraged to work towards better air quality, this year's hashtag BeatAirPollution has begun to spread online.
Known as the new ice bucket challenge and supported by a bunch of famous faces, it's never been easier to get involved than it is now.
Organizers last year encouraged people to throw out plastic and this year they wanted cleaner air
So here is what it stands for and how you join.
Established by the UN General Assembly on 1972-the first day of the conference on the human environment-the aim is to raise awareness of environmental issues, from marine pollution to overpopulation, and of course global warming.
However, the First World Environment Day did not begin until 1974, two years later, with the theme "only one Earth ".
It has since fallen on the same day every year.
In 1987, it was decided to designate a different country to host the celebration each year.
In 1988, Thailand took the theme of "people put the environment first and development will continue.
Belgium was the second year and Brazil was the second.
China will hold World Environment Day this year, urging "governments, industry, all sectors of society and individuals to jointly explore renewable energy and green technologies to improve air quality in cities and regions around the world ".
No matter which day of the week, June 5 is World Environment Day every year, which has been the case since its inception in 1974.
This year's theme is "combating air pollution," which is "one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time to call for action ".
It aims to encourage everyone around the world to act now to reduce global air pollution.
Most people will be aware of the problem of air pollution, but because you rarely see it, people rarely talk about it --
It's everywhere, however, affecting your health and greenhouse gas emissions.
And the numbers are amazing.
According to the United Nations, nine out of 10 people worldwide are exposed to air pollutants that exceed the World Health Organization's safety level, while about 7 million people die prematurely each year due to air pollution.
Poor air quality is also associated with low IQ, heart disease, lung cancer and stroke.
This is also one of the biggest environmental challenges we face today, its impact on global warming, economic growth and the oceans.
As the United Nations said: "World Environment Day will focus on air pollution
Calls for action to address one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time.
"World Environment Day invites all of us to consider how to change our daily lives and reduce air pollution, which in turn can reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the benefit of people's health.
"The good news is that air pollution can be largely avoided and its negative consequences can be prevented.
The solution is known and can be implemented.
The world needs to act now.
"There are a lot of ways to reduce your impact on air pollution and if you can recruit as many people as you can to do the same --even better. 1.
The main source of domestic air pollution is the burning of fossil fuels and open fires for heating, cooking and lighting.
If you can, trying to use a cleaner, more modern stove can reduce their impact. 2.
One of the biggest causes of air pollution is the transportation sector, especially in urban areas due to cars and planes.
So consider carpooling, if you can, for a cleaner car and traveling by public transport.
Don't fly when you are on vacation, but consider taking a boat. 3.
Methane is a major source of air pollution.
The United Nations says producing livestock is more effective than carbon dioxide.
One tip is to move to the plant.
The other is to reduce food waste. 4.
Incineration of garbage and open-air landfill will release harmful gases to the atmosphere, which will directly lead to problems.
To help solve this problem, it is recommended that you reduce food waste and stop sending so much garbage to landfill sites, while another way is to effectively separate the garbage.
You can also install a compost box in your garden. 5.
Renewable energy will help address the impact of coal
Combustion power plants and diesel generators have an impact on the environment.
Think about switching energy tariffs to cleaner mode and always remember to turn them off when you don't use lights and electronics.
You can also install solar panels on your house (
If you live in a sunny place)
Investment in renewable energy.
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