workspaces of the future: 5 points of inspiration - solar panel garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-30
workspaces of the future: 5 points of inspiration  -  solar panel garden lights
Just as the house is the owner's reflection, the office is the company's signature on the street.
Businesses need to connect with communities by showing beautiful building spaces, which can attract not only the public, but also the public.
Last week, senior government officials, business leaders and global thinkers gathered in Vancouver for the 2016 Global Series of Conferences and Innovation Fairs to explore new ways to transform environmental challenges into business opportunities.
In an emerging area, such as sustainable development, no one can find all the answers. Transparency and collaboration are critical to success.
The Canadian Prime Minister, the respected Justin Trudeau, launched the Intelligent Prosperity Commission at this week's opening ceremony, a think tank composed of more than 20 Canadian business leaders, which will play a leading role. -
Promote policy and industrial innovation with marginal thinking in order to achieve a more environmentally friendly and competitive Canadian economy.
"We all know that in the new global context, sustainable development is a good business strategy. . .
Investing in innovation, supporting clean technologies and encouraging sustainable practices will promote emerging industries, employment growth, market access and global competitiveness. " --
Premier Justin Trudeau, I am eager to share these great ideas and to participate in some panel discussions on innovation and development.
At the end of the week, I was inspired and removed five inspirations for business leaders who are designing sustainable workspaces for the future: create a space to distribute your brand, just as a home is the reflection of its owner, and an office is the company's signature on the street.
Businesses need to connect with communities by showing beautiful building spaces, which can attract not only the public, but also the public.
Some of the most inspiring spaces I've seen have become walking destinations featuring public art exhibitions, or have integrated roof terraces and indoor gardens to bring more nature into the city's center.
When people visit inspiring spaces, especially those that introduce outdoor environments, they are attracted.
It can be a welcome cafe in the hall or a grand piano for anyone to play. -
Multifunctional space is a space that integrates aesthetic design and sustainable thinking through advanced technology.
The Packard Foundation Building in Los Altos, California, is a good example.
The organization's work to protect the Earth's natural resources has been clearly demonstrated in its net zero energy certified office space and has supported the organization's community membership for nearly 50 years.
Make a big statement, leaving a small impact on sustainability is no longer a "good ownership" but a "must have".
In 2009, standing on the corner of Vancouver's Georgia and Seymour Streets, I looked at an aging block and an old park.
This space has tremendous potential to become an architectural icon, to improve the city's skyline, and to serve as a standard of excellence for environmental sustainability.
Six years later, that vision was realized.
Telus Garden is now not only one of the greenest LEED platinum certified buildings in North America, but also the host of Vancouver's largest solar panel array and a unique regional energy system that takes waste heat from adjacent Telus network buildings and uses it to heat office water quickly. -to-
Open house, tower.
"Thales Garden is very close to Guan"-the-
As you can, the energy consumption of the grid is reduced by 90%. " --
Thomas Mueller, chairman and CEO of the Canadian Green Building Commission, has no reason to fail to follow this principle for all new development projects. -
Consideration of a project from the outset and commitment to reducing environmental footprint will have a significant impact on many generations.
The introduction of outdoor research has shown that spending time outdoors can help restore attention, provide general relaxation, and restore mood.
It's an excellent stress buster, and in a business environment, it can also provide a good opportunity for teamwork and build stronger relationships.
This is most evident in MEC and other companies. MEC's corporate philosophy is to make employees love outdoor activities.
In the office space of the Fosklick Apartment in Vancouver-
The restaurant on the floor leads to the roof platform, with a garden on the roof platform, and the wind tower is connected with the ventilation column to provide fresh air for the building.
What is refreshing is to integrate natural elements into the interior, make the external landscape refreshing and interact with employees.
Apple recently said that 80% of its new headquarters in California would be green.
This not only helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but also provides opportunities for improving health and health. -
Identity of employees.
Natural workspaces using natural materials not only attract new talent, but also benefit existing workers in many ways, including reducing sick leave, reducing mental consumption and improving happiness.
Not surprisingly, these benefits have a direct and sustainable impact on company productivity and profits.
When people like where they work, they stay. and a well-
Designed workplaces play an important role in this fact.
It is a wise business decision to use natural building materials and maximize natural light.
A good example is Algage House or Biq Building in Hamburg, Germany, which actually integrates organisms. -microalgae -
In its design.
The transparent side of the tower contains growing algae that control the light entering the building and provide shadows when needed.
When enough algae grow, it is harvested and supplied to buildings as renewable energy.
A recent Millennium Brand Report on Changing Working Styles found that 45% of Millennials would opt for job flexibility rather than salary.
Millennials account for 44% of our employees in Taylor, and that percentage is growing every year.
Although we spend a lot of time designing our office space to make it pleasant and healthy at work, we don't want team members to enter the office just to be present.
Promoting collaboration is the driving force behind our design. We empower employees to work in the most effective time, place and manner so that they can achieve business goals while achieving their personal work/life goals.
Other business leaders should take this as a new guideline.
This approach not only helps us attract outstanding people from all over the world, but also helps us reduce the overall real estate footprint of more than 1 million square feet.
Of our 26,000 Canadian employees, 67% have adopted our national plan, which eliminates nearly 23 million kilometres of transport mileage each year.
In 2014 alone, that figure reached 1.
Four million hours of commuting and 6,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions reduction.
Sustainable development is not only about turning to LED lighting or checklists, but also a willingness to take risks and lead the trend.
When considering future workspaces, it is necessary to make more informed decisions and adopt a comprehensive approach from the outset. -encompassing.
Global 2016 is a great opportunity to cooperate with other sustainable development leadership ideas.
These global forums will help shape the future of our country and make it a better place for generations of global citizens and their leaders.
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