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wind-powered building design revealed - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-21
wind-powered building design revealed  -  solar panel traffic lights
Knight buildings with integrated wind turbines will generate at least 20% of the energy demand, perhaps all.
British researchers say they will save more energy than ordinary wind farms or solar buildings.
An international team of architects, engineers and aerodynamics has come up with more than one
Tower office building or apartment building with wind turbines installed in the middle.
This design is a result of e-commerce.
Projects funded by "wind energy for construction environment" or project network.
The researchers say the curved towers will deliver wind power to the turbines and improve efficiency.
Preliminary test of 7-
The Rice prototype designed by the Dutch Mecal applied mechanics and built at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the UK shows that the efficiency of this design may be twice that of the bracket
A separate wind generator, though it will not move to face the wind.
The team said that the wind speed in urban areas usually accounts for about 2 out of 3 of the wind speed in rural areas, so additional efficiency is critical.
Overall, wind power is more cost-effective and takes up less space than solar power.
A typical mast generator is five times cheaper than the photo.
Photovoltaic solar panels that generate the same power.
These panels can also occupy 10 times the space.
"We're talking about huge potential," said Sinisa Stankovic of The Project co-op.
BDSP Partnership coordinator.
"The minimum should be 20%.
Other experts were impressed.
"On the face of it, the potential seems to be huge," said Marcus Lee, architect of the Richard Rogers Partnership project in London. “Integrating [turbines]
This may be a new model.
"Wind turbines in rural areas are often criticized for being out of sight and generating noise pollution.
Stankovic said sound insulation around the turbine would suppress sound.
He believes that traffic in the city will also drown most of the noise.
The architects of Stuttgart University designed a prototype for the two. tower 200-
A tall building with three overall turbines.
It takes 30 metres in diameter for each turbine to produce at least 20% of the energy needed for this size building.
Stankovic said it was difficult to price the design.
He said it would be expensive to integrate wind turbines into a building, but still only a fraction of the cost of the entire building.
However, this unusual curved shape can be very expensive, Li said.
"It takes time and capital investment is always a problem," he said . ".
Since turbines may have a significant cooling effect on the building, it is important to carefully consider the thermal dynamics of the structure, Lee added.
In urban environments, there is increasing pressure on planners to use renewable resources.
The British government has promised that 10% of the country's electricity will be generated by renewable energy by 2010.
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